PUBG Mobile Releases New Traverse - Insectoid Mode: Complete Gameplay Details

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  • PUBG Mobile finally released the highly anticipated Traverse - Insectoid Mode yesterday on June 9.
  • In this Battle Royale game mode players get an opportunity to turn into a tiny insectoid and roam around a portion of the map.
  • Read on to find out everything about this interesting game mode in detail, so that you are better prepared before jumping into a game.

PUBG Mobile launched a new game mode called ‘Traverse - Insectoid’ yesterday on June 9. The interesting game mode that allows players to transform into a mini insectoid is part of the currently ongoing Royale Pass Season 19: Traverse, which released along with the PUBG Mobile 1.4 content update. The new game mode had been teased for a long time by the developers finally going live yesterday, receiving mostly positive feedback from the community members. The game mode is mostly similar to the normal Battle Royale gameplay, except for the fact that there are multiple laboratories present on the map where players can literally shrink in size to become a mini insectoid.

Read on to find out more about the Traverse - Insectoid game mode, everything from how to play it and what it has to offer.

PUBG Mobile Releases New Traverse - Insectoid Mode: Complete Gameplay Details

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PUBG Mobile Traverse - Insectoid Game Mode

The Traverse - Insectoid game mode which released yesterday has taken the PUBG Mobile community by storm. Players are rushing to play this game mode, trying to figure out what it has to offer and how it exactly works. For all those trying to find out more about this game mode before actually jumping in, here is a complete guide so that you are better prepared.

The game mode is mostly similar to the usual Battle Royale game mode that PUBG Mobile is built around. However, in addition to this three laboratories are spawned at random across the map when playing ‘Traverse - Insectoid’. These labs are essential for players that want to turn into a small insectoid, there is an instrument that looks like a giant scanner within these labs that turns players into these tiny insectoids.

PUBG Mobile Releases New Traverse - Insectoid Mode: Complete Gameplay Details

Once they transform, the players gain the ability to fly around the map with their objective being the collection of some sort of yellow energy balls, floating around the vicinity of the lab. This transformation is limited to a certain periphery around the respective labs, if a player crosses this boundary they will instantly turn back into their human form.

Additionally, there is also a teleporter situated within the lab that allows the players in their insectoid form to teleport across the map to another lab. Instantly relocating to a different part of the map, which can be extremely useful in certain situations like when you are outnumbered, get caught in a crossfire, or simply want to avoid the restricting boundary of the map.

This game mode has so far mostly received a positive response from the majority of the PUBG Mobile community. As more users flock to try out this interesting game mode that gives players a unique perspective in-game, it is definitely a fresh take on how players can view the battlefield and play the game.

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