Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 is set to bring two PC Legends to the game along with the fan-favorite map Olympus.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 4: Release Date, Leaks

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Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 is set to bring two PC Legends to the game along with the fan-favorite map Olympus.
Leaks suggest that Apex Legends Mobile is finally getting an esports scene as well.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently winding down Season 3.5 with just a few weeks to go for Season 4. While the developer hasn’t officially released a lot of details for the upcoming update, leaks suggest the Olympus map from the PC version of Apex Legends will make its way to mobile. Horizon and Valkyrie are also likely to be released in this season of Apex Legends Mobile along with a new signature weapon and a potential esports scene. Here is all we know about Season 4 of Apex Legends Mobile. 

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 release date

According to the battle pass, Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 will go live in the second week of the new year on 11th January 2023. So players have approximately two weeks more to max out their battle pass.  

Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 Leaks: Olympus, Signature Weapon and Legends coming to the game

Apex Legends Mobile dataminer TheMobileBot speculates that Season 4 of Apex Legends will see the iconic Olympus map from PC Apex come to mobile. The map will include the usual points of interest including hot spots like Estates, Energy Depot, and Hammond Labs.

The season will also see PC Legends Horizon and Valkyrie debut in the mobile game. Here are the perks apparently coming for Horizon:

Here is what we can likely expect for Valkyrie:

Both the Legends coming over from PC seem to have pretty standard kits. However, as with other Legends, the perks give the legends something extra. According to other leaked game files, another legend will be getting a signature weapon (heirloom).

According to TheMobileBot, the developer may also be planning an esports scene for the mobile game.

The Championship mode can be accessed with Championship tokens earned through playing ranked and normal games. How exactly these Championship tokens will be used is yet to be determined. However, the leaks suggest they will be related to participating in esports tournaments coming to Apex Legends Mobile.

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