AMAN Explains How Team SouL BGMI Roster Was Formed


AMAN Explains How the Current Team SouL BGMI Roster Was Formed

The secret to forming a consistent BGMI team has been revealed.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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In the recent episode of 'The Kick-Off Show', AMAN shared his vision and thoughts while shortlisting players for Team SouL earlier this year.
AMAN explained in detail what exact qualities he was looking for in a BGMI player in order to select them.
The decision has turned out to be a jackpot for Team SouL, as its BGMI lineup is amongst the best at this point in time.

Team SouL kicked off the 2022 competitive season on a fresh page and it seems to have worked wonders for the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) team. The new roster has proven itself within no time, showcasing great consistency with five podium finishes under its belt which includes two victories.

They have already positioned themselves amongst the most aggressive BGMI teams, quickly climbing the ladder to redeem the organization's reputation. But how did this lineup even come together in the first place?

This is exactly what Aman "AMAN" Jain spoke about during the recent episode of 'The Kick-Off Show', sharing the vision he had when scouting players for the new Team SouL BGMI lineup.

Aman shares his vision that helped in the formation of current Team SouL BGMI roster

The current Team SouL roster is hands down one of the best BGMI teams at this point in time, turning things around for the organization within just five months, as it was amongst the worst teams last season .

The selfless gameplay put by the team every single time and the discipline to stay committed to their roles is worth an applause, but the person responsible for bringing such a cohesive lineup together under one roof should be appreciated even more.

AMAN, the official BGMI scout for Team SouL, in the latest episode of 'The Kick-Off Show' shared what his vision was before he set out looking for players that would eventually turn into the solid lineup that they are today.

"When I was told to find some players who possess an impressive skillset, the first thing I did was reflect on my past to find out what was the reason that motivated me as a player to grind," explained AMAN, "At that time I had the desire to become the 'MVP', do something in the game. So I wanted to find similar players, who want to do something in life related to this game."

He further pointed out that though there are a lot of great players, not all of them have the same hunger to win, "So I looked at five to six such players, who have a need to do something in life, something big, earn money, all of it."

From his side AMAN gave it his all when scouting these players, checking the background of each shortlisted candidate and looking for specific characteristics like, "A player who sticks around for a long time, despite arguments they stay put and work towards a solution rather than running away from it."

Note: The related segment starts from 06:24 but it is in Hindi language.

Based on all of this, four BGMI players were finally selected and signed by Team SouL which has turned out to be a jackpot for the side, bringing together players who were not specifically 'stars' on their previous teams, but have come together to form a lineup which is a force to reckon with.

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