Omega Explains the Role of Every Player on Team SouL BGMI Roster

A disciplined approach by Team SouL in this regards.

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Omega Explains The Role Of Every Team SouL BGMI Player

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During a recent livestream, while answering a query put up by one of the viewers Omega explained the role of every player on Team SouL.
He explained why they cannot expect him and Hector to go out and start top-fragging because that is not what their role in the team is.
His response indirectly also explains how Team SouL has been able to turn things around for themselves so quickly, delivering top-notch consistent performances.

Team SouL is hands down one of the most successful BGMI teams this season so far. For an organization to turn things around so drastically after having faced a colossal disappointment last year is certainly a commendable achievement.

But how did Team SouL manage to achieve all this so quickly? Well, the team's captain Sahil "Omega" Jakhar indirectly answered this while interacting with a viewer during a recent online stream.

The viewer was concerned as to why not all the members of Team SouL were top fragging, to which Omega responded by explaining the role of each individual on Team SouL's BGMI lineup.

Role of all the Team SouL BGMI players explained by Omega

Team SouL might have missed out on the first-ever BGMI LAN tournament, NODWIN Loco All-Stars Invitational, but the team has managed to bounce back in full force. They breezed through the BMOC 2022 Round 4 where a lot of top-tier BGMI teams faltered, and are currently dominating BMPS Season 1 where they are ranked one after the first week of its league stage.

In a recent livestream session, while answering a query put up by one of the viewers who wanted to know why all the members of the team were not top fragging, Omega explained to him the roles being carried out by each player on the Team SouL lineup.

Sohail "Hector" Shaikh's role is to hold the position for the team so one cannot expect him to get a lot of finishes and top frag for the side. Similarly, they cannot demand him (Omega) to go and become the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of a match, "No, I cannot aim to become an MVP, that is not my duty [on the team]."

On the other hand, both the assaulters Akshat "AkshaT" Goel and Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, have free reign over confronting enemy players and going aggressive to take finishes while others on the team try their best to provide complete support to them.

"If everyone runs in blindly, then who will throw the smokes and make all the calls," explained Omega, "Their role is to kill [AkshaT and Goblin] and our [Hector and Omega] duty is to protect them both."

Note: The related segment starts from around 3:25 but it is in Hindi language.

With this response, Omega not only gave a brief description of each player's role on the team but also showcased the understanding that all of them have between them. This is what makes Team SouL such a successful team, they do not play for individual glory instead they just stay committed to their role wholeheartedly and play accordingly in the server.

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