8Bit Thug Shares His Journey From Player to Owner

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8Bit Thug BGMI


Thug says there is no difference between a player and the owner of a team.
He also said that the way he used to feel while playing matches as a player is the same way he feels while watching as an owner.

Animesh “Thug” Agarwal is a well known personality in the gaming industry. He started as a player and a caster under the 8Bit banner and is now the owner of the same including other organizations like S8UL Esports, an organization which boasts an esports lineup in Pokemon Unite along with dozens of content creators. He is also the owner of 8Bit Creatives, a talent management company which manages a number of creators. 

In a recent interview, Thug talked about how he feels while watching the matches from an owner’s perspective and how he used to feel while playing the matches as a player.

8Bit Thug talks about his journey of becoming an owner from a player

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, 8Bit Thug talked about his journey and shared some details from his perspective about esports and the pressure the players and owners feel. He said, “I think as a player the amount of pressure you feel, it is the same for the owner of the organization who is closely attached to his team. When I used to play long ago, my heartbeat would accelerate while playing and it does the same now while watching the games. I don’t think there is any difference between the two. When you are a team, from the owner to the last single player there is no difference, everyone is a part of the team.”

Thug was present at the recently concluded Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 Grand Finals LAN event where 8Bit was playing its first ever official BGMI LAN event. It had joined hands with CS Esports to participate in the BMPS 2023 event where it had three players from the 8Bit squad and three players from CS Esports. The 8BitxCS squad displayed passive aggressive gameplay and put forth good performances, leading to a  6th place finish in the overall standings.

Thug is also said to be an integral part of Team Soul and recently had talked about making some changes to the lineup for the 2024 season. Fans are waiting for the changes to be revealed as the team did not have the best time in terms of performance in 2023.

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