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8Bit Juicy Reveals Multiple BGMI Teams Faced Server Issues in BGIS 2024 The Grind

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Team 8Bit’s IGL, Juicy, revealed that his team and many other teams faced server issues in the first match of BGIS 2024 The Grind Week 1 Day 4.
He also revealed that his team faced elimination in the blue zone because of the server issue.

The marquee Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) event of the year, BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2024 is ongoing and the first week of The Grind qualifiers event has concluded with several well known squads like iQOO Soul, Medal Esports, Team 8Bit and Entity Gaming playing the event. 

Vishwas “Juicy” Battoo the In Game Leader (IGL) of Team 8Bit recently took to Instagram and shared a couple of stories about how his team and many other teams faced server issues during Day 4 of the first week of BGIS 2024 The Grind.

8Bit Juicy reveals facing major server issues during Week 1 Day 4 of BGIS 2024 The Grind 

On 7th April 2024, Juicy took to his Instagram account and shared multiple stories and revealed that his team, Team 8Bit, was facing major server issues and was eliminated in the early stages from the blue zone in the map of Erangel. He also shared stories from other teams who also faced server issues on Day 4 of The Grind event.

8Bit Juicy BGIS Server Issue

Juicy on his Instagram story wrote, “If every team in the lobby is facing a server issue, don't you think the tournament organizers should rehost that match. After match 1 of BGIS The Grind, our players were not able to move and died in vain, we weren't able to do anything, and we died in the blue zone only, not only our team, when asked from other teams, they also asked for the rematch, but the organizers are refusing to rehost the match. Is this fair? You guys can see even on the stream how the players were playing in match 1, each and everyone was lagging.”

The Grind event is the qualifying event for the BGIS 2024 Main Event and teams will receive a second chance like before to qualify for the main event from the in-game qualifiers. Each team will just play six matches across the four weeks of The Grind event which makes every match important as only the top 64 from the 256 teams will proceed to play the BGIS 2024 main event.

Week 1 of the event saw 128 teams competing and Week 2 for the event is about to commence on 10th April with the remaining 128 teams. It will be interesting to see if Krafton releases a statement for the issue faced by the teams on Day 4 of the event.

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