Battlegrounds Mobile India Confirms Addition of UAZ Off-Road Vehicle

Battlegrounds Mobile India Confirms Addition of UAZ Off-Road Vehicle

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Latest Battlegrounds Mobile India's teaser trailer confirms the release of heavy duty vehicle UAZ.
  • This announcement comes a day after Krafton confirmed more than 20 million pre-registrations for BMI.
  • UAZ is an off-road jeep found on the map Erangel which can easily run across almost any type of a terrain.

Krafton dropped a new teaser trailer for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) earlier today which confirms the addition of the off-road vehicle called UAZ, previously featured in both PUBG and PUBG Mobile. This announcement comes just a day after BMI crossed more than 20 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store, which is a big positive sign ahead of the game’s launch whose release date is yet to be announced. The trailer which released on BMI’s official YouTube channel earlier today gave viewers a glimpse of the classic heavy-duty jeep UAZ, while asked them “Do you remember driving around the hills of Erangel?” which confirms the arrival of the vehicle to the India exclusive battle royale.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India to Feature UAZ

Battlegrounds Mobile India after teasing a ‘Level 3 Backpack’ in one of its previous teaser trailers that had created quite the buzz among community members, has now come forward to confirm the arrival of the Soviet off-road jeep UAZ.

Level 3 Backpack - PUBG Mobile

This is an iconic vehicle which initially featured in PUBG, the PC variant of the mobile game. The off-road beast is mainly renowned for its stability and endurance on the battlefield, providing players with two great advantages, it can be virtually driven on any terrain and the vehicle is quite easy to repair if it takes heavy damage.

The heavy-duty vehicle is quite a popular choice within the realm of this battle royale and preferred by many players when travelling around the Erangel, an essential grab with the map’s wide-open spaces which at times require a lot of distance to be travelled by the players.

UAZ in PUBG Mobile

Speaking technically, the UAZ has space for 4 players with 2000 HP of health and a top speed of 116 km/h. It is very stable even at high speeds, but the tradeoff is that the vehicle runs quite loud, alerting the enemies up to a distance of 125 meters. Also, fuel efficiency is a huge problem, requiring a lot of it to run this off-roader on top speed.

This vehicle will surely be a great addition to Battlegrounds Mobile India whose pre-registrations are still live, but only for Android devices as iOS users are still waiting impatiently for the arrival of the game on the Apple App Store.

Krafton had pointed out some changes that will be observed in Battlegrounds Mobile India, but in the absence of a full-fledged game trailer or walkthrough, it is tough to say how similar or different will this mobile battle royale actually turn out to be.

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