Riot Games Japan Hints at a Wild Rift World Championship Tournament

Riot Games Japan Hints at a Wild Rift World Championship Tournament

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift Japan will host three regional tournaments in 2021.
  • One of the regional tournaments in Japan will give teams a chance to participate in a Wild Rift World Tournament.
  • Riot Games is yet to announce a Wild Rift World Tournament officially.

It would seem that Riot Game’s rising mobile MOBA game, League of Legends: Wild Rift, will soon have its own Wild Rift World Tournament similar to its PC counterpart. This was hinted at the reveal of Riot Games Japan’s esports plans for 2021. According to it, there will be three regional tournaments for Japan this year, and one of the tournaments will give the top teams a chance to qualify for the Wild Rift World Tournament. So, we can expect a big reveal from Riot Games regarding the Wild Rift World Tournament in the near future.

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Riot Games Japan Hints at a Wild Rift World Tournament

The League of Legends World Championship for the PC version of the game is one of the biggest annual professional esports tournaments hosted by Riot Games. With the release of their latest mobile MOBA title, Wild Rift, fans have to wonder if a Wild Rift World Tournament would happen anytime soon. 

This question has been brought to light by Riot Games Japan as they stated that one of their three regional tournaments would give players a chance to step on a bigger stage, the World Tournament. 

According to PR Times Japan, Wild Rift will have three tournaments in the region for 2021. These tournaments are the Wild Rift Invitational: The Opening Games, Wild Rift Open Tournament: All Player’s Rift, and another yet-to-be-named tournament. The winner of the unnamed third tournament will have the opportunity to participate in the World Tournament. 

Three Wild Rift Tournaments will be held in Japan.

Riot Games is yet to announce a Wild Rift World Tournament officially. However, with Riot Games Japan’s announcement, we have some indication of what to expect from them, soon enough.

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Wild Rift Japan Regional Tournament

Similar to other regions, Riot Games Japan has partnered with local esports companies to organize esports events in the region. X-MOMENT, a brand owned by the mobile phone operator, NTT DoCoMo, will facilitate the three esports event. 

Wild Rift Invitational The Opening Games

  • Tournament: Wild Rift Invitational The Opening Games
  • Held Method: Online
  • Period: 2021 April 24 (Saturday)
  • Number of Teams: Eight Invited Teams
  • Prize Pool: 1.5 Million Yen ($13,700 USD)

Wild Rift Open Tournament All Player’s Rift

  • Tournament: Wild Rift Open Tournament All Player’s Rift
  • Held method: Online
  • Held Period: 2021 May 29 (Saturday), 30 (Sunday), June 5 (Saturday), 6th (Sunday)
  • Participation system: Open to all
  • Prize Pool: 3 Million Yen ($27,400 USD)
  • Application period: April 26th (Monday) -May 10th (Monday) 2021
  • Participation method: Apply from the application form on the official website.
  • If there are many applications, the number of teams may be limited.

Wild Rift Japan Regional Convention

  • Tournament name: To be determined
  • Holding method: Qualifying & playoff qualifying → Online playoff final → Offline
  • Period: July-October 2021
  • Participation system: Open
  • Prize: Total 9 Million Yen ($82,200 USD)
  • Prize: Winning team to the world tournament Obtaining the right to participate 
  • Participation Method: As soon as the details are decided, they will be announced on the official website

Wild Rift having its very own World Tournament, can bolster its esports ecosystem, allowing more mobile esports pros and viewers to experience world-class esports competitions similar to its PC Counterpart, the League of Legends World Championship. 

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