Wild Rift Dev Responds to the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking Issues in the Game


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Wild Rift Dev Responds to the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking Issues in the Game

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift Dev responds to the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking issues Wild Rift along with addressing their upcoming plans for the game.
  • The devs also stated that they are looking for ways to detect cheaters and permanently ban them in the game.
  • Riot Games is planning on hosting events in Wild Rift that are bigger the the previous events.

Wild Rift Dev responds to the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking issues in the game. Wild Rift game director Alan “Mirross” Moore talks about the game’s prominent issues, the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking Issues in Wild Rift. The game director wanted to provide some transparency into the game’s current development priorities. He talks about the game’s issues and their plans for future content in their mobile MOBA game, Wild Rift. Mirross strictly specifies that this isn’t everything they are working on, adding that these are just the highlights of their development.

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Wild Rift Dev Responds to the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking Issues

The Lag Spikes and Matchmaking issues in Wild Rift are two of the prominent problems players are experiencing in the game. According to Wild Rift game director Alan “Mirross” Moore, they constantly adjust the matchmaking system. However, their main goal is to tighten the rank spread between players in the same game. This is far more complicated than it sounds, as players on the same rank may or may not have identical Matchmaking Rating (MMR). 

Here are the devs’ goals for the Matchmaking system in the game;

  • Ensure that both the skill level between and within teams is even, so matches are fair.
  • Keep matchmaking times short so that you can get into the game quickly.
  • Create matches with people close to you, so you can communicate more efficiently and expect lower latency.
  • (In progress) Give you more choice over your position in-game, so you can play the positions you’re comfortable with or try something new (Role Selection Queue).

Regarding the Lag Spikes in Wild Rift, the devs explained that the problem varies considerably across regions, mostly due to players who use VPNs to change the location they are playing from. This made it difficult for them to evaluate individual situations and fix the problem. The devs will be making a lot of improvements and tweaks in the future. Players can expect a much more stable game soon enough. 

Cheater will be permanently banned from Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Cheating Issues

Along with addressing the Lag Spikes and Matchmaking Issues in Wild Rift, the devs are also looking to take down players who use third-party apps to cheat in the game. 

“Let us be clear: Cheaters have no place in Wild Rift (unless you’re Twisted Fate),” stated Mirross.

However, Mirross chooses to stay vigilant regarding this issue to not compromise their plans on detecting these cheaters. The dev ended his statement by saying Riot Games will permanently ban cheaters.

Future Plans for Wild Rift

Mirross then proceeded to reveal a few of their upcoming plans for their mobile MOBA game. 

Launching New Regions

He stated that one of their main priorities is releasing the game to as many regions as possible. With the upcoming release in the Americas, the devs are one step closer to fulfilling this goal. 

Riot Games is planning on hosting bigger events in Wild Rift.


The devs are still keeping their promise of releasing an average of two champions per month. They are quite confident that the game’s balance has been in a great spot despite their limited opportunities to deploy large-scale balance changes. 

Big Surprises

Mirross states that they are gearing up for specific “Big Moments” throughout the year. He refuses to divulge detailed information, but fans can expect something big in the upcoming patch 2.2. They are also working on another big event which is much bigger than the previous Yordle Expedition and Lunar Beast event.

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Being transparent to their player base is an excellent step for Riot Games. With the mobile MOBA game rising in popularity every month, players can be confident that the devs are working their hardest to deliver quality gameplay for Wild Rift fans to enjoy. 

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