Krafton Says It Cares Greatly About PUBG Mobile in India


Krafton Says It Cares Greatly About PUBG Mobile in India

Abhimannu Das
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  • Krafton revealed that the company is very interested in the Indian market and is trying its best to bring back PUBG Mobile to India.
  • Krafton’s Head-Corporate Development Sean Hyunil Sohn shared his thoughts on the return on PUBG Mobile at the India Gaming Conference 2021.
  • PUBG: New State is not available in India at launch but may be available at a later date as Krafton is trying to work out a solution.

Speaking at the India Gaming Conference 2021, Krafton’s Head-Corporate Development Sean Hyunil Sohn talked about how important the Indian market is to the company. On being asked about the possible re-entry of PUBG Mobile in India Sohn stated "I cannot really tell a timing, because we don't know yet. But what I can tell you is that we care about the Indian market greatly and that's why I get to know you and I get to know a lot of friends in the Indian gaming industry. So definitely we will work hard to make it happen."

When Will PUBG Mobile Return to India

In 2020, PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with over 200 Chinese apps and games. The Indian government deemed them to be “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order”. IGN India’s sources have stated under anonymity that the Indian government has no intentions of unbanning PUBG Mobile in India. Krafton’s new game PUBG: New State has also not been launched in India. Some Indian esports personalities have stated that the game is merely delayed and we can expect a release at a later date.

While we do not have an official timeline for the return of PUBG Mobile, Sohn‘s expression of interest in the Indian market will certainly be reassuring to fans and other stakeholders hoping for PUBG Mobile’s return to the country. Krafton is actively working with the Indian gaming and esports community to promote PUBG. Earlier this month, Krafton and NODWIN Gaming partnered together to offer Hindi broadcasts for the ongoing PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S) event for PUBG PC.

The PUBG studio also hired a new Operations team, with Aneesh Aravind being appointed the Country Manager for India, responsible for leading the team. Indian PUBG Mobile fans will have to wait and see if Krafton is able to work out a solution for the ban and is able to bring back PUBG Mobile for the masses. 

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Disclosure: NODWIN Gaming is a minority investor in and a client of AFK Gaming.

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