MPL PH Season 7 - Power Rankings

MPL PH Season 7 - Power Rankings

John Dave Rossel
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  • The MPL PH Season 7 will commence on March 19, 2021.
  • Participating teams are all geared up and ready to compete in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7 tournament.
  • Here are the power rankings of the participating teams based on their performance and achievements in the Mobile Legends Esports Scene.

The MPL PH Season 7 will commence on March 19, 2021. The event is composed of the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams from the Philippines and will compete for the title of MPL PH Champions. The full rosters of each participating team have already been finalized and announced. Each esports team is gearing up and the fans are all hyped up for the forthcoming tournament. To welcome the upcoming MPL PH Season 7 tournament, we’ve thrown together a power ranking list based on each team’s recent performance and achievements. Here is our Power Ranking List for the MPL PH Season 7 Tournament. 

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MPL PH Season 7 - Power Rankings

MPL PH Season 7 - Power Rankings
Laus Playbook Esports, Cignal Ultra, Onic PH, Work Auster Force, and Aura PH

10. Laus Playbook Esports

Despite the team’s struggle to climb the bracket in the MPL Qualifiers, the team showed promise with their high-level plays in locking down targets and securing kills. However, they lack map control and usually struggle when they’re behind in gold. Despite these issues, they might just make it to the grand finals under the guidance of coach Panda, who previously led ArkAngel Esports into winning the MPL PH Season 3 Championship.

9. Cignal Ultra

Cignal Ultra secured their first MPL champion title during Season 2 and since then, the team has largely been disappointing, failing to make it to the top 3. This is probably due to their constant change in the line up which makes it hard for its members to achieve good chemistry with each other. Despite this, the team is still going all out in every MPL PH tournament. With their new addition to the team, Janus, the team hopes to regain their former glory in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7. 

8. Onic PH

Onic PH’s prospects in the MPL PH have been on the rise. They managed to secure second place in Season 5 and fourth place in Season 6. Unfortunately, the dynamic duo Wise and OhMyV33nus, who were key to their success in previous seasons, has departed from the lineup which has brought down the star power in Onic PH’s lineup. 

However, the team has reinforced its lineup with new playmakers, Hate and Kairi. These two might just provide that perfect synergy that Onic needs in order to dominate the upcoming MPL PH Season 7. 

7. Work Auster Force

Work Auster Force qualified for the MPL PH Season 7 in stunning fashion. The team went undefeated through the MPL PH Season 7 Main Qualifier, decimating their opponents. Work Auster Force is out for blood and is looking to prove that they can stand beside the biggest names in Mobile Legends PH esports scene. 

The other teams in the league will definitely have their eyes on Work Auster Force.

6. Aura PH

Aura secured a championship win in the MPL PH Season 5. However, they’ve been on a downward trend, ever since. With their new addition to the team, Bennyqt, and Lord Hadess, the team hopes to reclaim the MPL title once and for all. 

The team is known for being innovative with its strategies. Being one of the pioneers of Bren Esports’ biggest weakness, the Diggie Strategy, it would be interesting to see what kind of surprise they have prepared for their fans in the upcoming tournament. 

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MPL PH Season 7 - Power Rankings
Execration, Blacklist International, Nexplay Esports, Smart Omega, and Bren Esports.

5. Execration

Execration has become a staple in the MPL PH scene, securing third place in the previous MPL PH Season 6. They’ve reinforced their lineup with their new recruits, Kiel and Renzio, former Aura PH players. It will be interesting to see if Execration will face some teething issues with their new lineup or if Kiel and Renzio’s amazing chemistry will help the team to take it to the next level. 

4. Blacklist International

Blacklist International’s inclusion this high on the list will be a surprise to many since the team’s MPL PH performances of late haven’t been that great. Since season 4, the team has failed to reach the top 5 in the MPL PH ranking. 

However, with the new addition of the power duo, Wise and OhMyV33nus, Blacklist International is stronger than ever. The team recently secured a win on the Just ML Cup 2020 against Nexplay Solid in the grand finals. With Wise’s versatile playstyle and OhMyV33nus’ amazing support tactics, we expect to see some of Blacklist’s best performances in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7.

3. Nexplay Esports

Nexplay Esports, The local favorites are back and they’re stronger than before. Despite the team’s rough performance in the previous season, the team has massively improved with numerous good performances in local tournaments like the Just ML Cup where they secured second place. With H2wo and Renejay in their lineup, the team is more than ready to show off their skills in the upcoming MPL PH Season 7. 

2. Smart Omega

One of the best ML teams in PH, Smart Omega have shown their confidence in the lineup by not changing their team’s roster for the MPL PH Season 7. The team showed their potential after dominating Todak and Impunity KH in the group stage of M2 World Championship. 

With some immaculate tactical play coupled with the abilities of their players who can turn it up a notch in clutch situations, the team is more than ready to take on the biggest names in Mobile Legends PH esports scene, and perhaps dethrone Bren Esports as the kings of the Filipino Mobile Legends scene.  

1. Bren Esports

Bren Esports are indisputably one of, if not the, best teams in Mobile Legends history. They have dominated the Mobile Legends scene with wins at the M2 World Championship and the MPL PH Season 6 underlining their credentials. Bren Esports' command of the metagame is second to none. 

Their style is simple, yet supremely deadly: they win their lanes, and then they use that advantage to systematically dominate the map and dismantle their opponent's defenses. Furthermore, they consistently force opponents to play the game the way Bren Esports want it to be played--any attempts at deviating from Bren Esports' style are quickly and forcefully brushed aside. 

Given their consistently excellent play over the last few months and their recent triumph at the M2 World Championship they should be considered as nothing less than the favorites to claim victory at the MPL PH Season 7.

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