Noble Esports' Wild Rift Roster Did Not Receive Salaries for Six Months

Noble Esports' Wild Rift Roster Did Not Receive Salaries for Six Months

Abhimannu Das
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  • Noble India's Free Fire and Wild Rift rosters have parted ways with Noble Esports due to non-payment of salaries.
  • Players from the Wild Rift roster claim that they were paid just one month's salary in almost seven months.
  • We reached out to Noble Esports' owner Kyle McDougal but are yet to receive a response.

Noble India has ceased all operations in India due to non-payment of salaries to the players and managers within the organization. The mobile esports rosters (Free Fire and Wild Rift) and the management team of Noble India have stated that they are no longer associated with the organization. We reached out to players from the Wild Rift roster and Operations Head for Noble India Anshuman Dash who shared his thoughts on the issue. Dash told AFK Gaming 

“We tried a lot to contact them. I somehow tried to manage things with limited resources but we had to give up as we received no response from the organization for a long time.”

Ex-Noble India Wild Rift Players Share Their Experience 

Syed “Divine” Shahab from the Wild Rift roster of Noble India revealed to AFK Gaming that they first had a talk with Noble Esports in October 2020. According to the player, Noble Esports’ owner Kyle McDougal was looking for a Wild Rift roster last year. Divine and Kirk were the first two to join the team. Zap, Crowley, and Swifty were added to the roster a month later. The players allegedly received contracts that ranged between 6 months to a year. Divine stated that salaries were not paid by the organization and they received only a month’s salary in the past seven months. He also alleged that the players did not receive a bootcamp or devices as promised by Noble Esports.

Noble Esports' Wild Rift Roster Did Not Receive Salaries for Six Months
Noble Esports had posted promos of their Bootcamp in December 2020
Image via Noble Esports

This is not the first time that an Indian roster has split from Noble Esports. In November 2020, the Valorant roster parted ways with Noble. The team separated mutually at the time and did not reveal any additional information. 

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Divine stated that despite being promised salaries, they were not paid because Wild Rift’s release date pushed. The Riot Games mobile MOBA has still not released in the subcontinent. However, Noble Esports' players used VPNs and played in other regions to prepare themselves for the potential competitive scene.

The Wild Rift Roster Is Looking For A New Organization

Divine concluded his statement by saying that the team will continue competing and are working hard. They want their fans to keep supporting them while they look for a new organization and bounce back from the incident. 

"Me and my team have been working hard and we won't stop. So keep supporting us in the future."

The Free Fire team has also disbanded due to the recent events. Operations Head for Noble Esports India Anshuman Dash told AFK Gaming 

“We are all saddened with their ignorance towards us. I would like to request organizations to not follow this path anyway, it’s something unacceptable and unethical. There are consequences of things and such ignorance from such a bigger organization is just disappointing.” 

Update (06:20 PM IST):  

In a comment to AFK Gaming, Noble Esports confirmed that the Wild Rift team was only paid one month's salary and that they dropped the roster because of the delay with the game's release.

"We dropped them because the game was not going to be coming out for a long time and there’s no sense in paying their salaries when the game isn’t even out yet"

Note: We have reached out to Noble Esports' for further clarifications on Anshuman Dash's allegations against the team.

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