Lunar Beast Event is Now Live on Wild Rift


Lunar Beast Event is Now Live on Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
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  • The Lunar Beast Event is now live in Wild Rift bringing exciting new contents for players.
  • The event features six new Lunar Beast skins for Alistar, Annie, Jarvan IV, Fiora and Darius. Along with an event where players can acquire exciting new goodies.
  • The event will run from Feb. 4 until March 3, 2021. An upcoming surprise awaits on Feb. 12, 2021 as two new champions will be released along with a additional new event mission for the Lunar Beast event called Lunar Lovers.

The Lunar Beast Event in League of Legends: Wild Rift has kicked in. Along with the event comes exciting new content in the game, including six new Lunar Beast themed skins for the champions, Alistar, Annie, Darius, Jarvan IV, Fiora, and Miss Fortune. The event features a mix of traditional and futuristic attire and weaponry and will run from Feb. 4 until March 3, 2021, with a limited-time event that rewards player with profile borders, emotes, icons, in-game items, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the Lunar Beast Event event and start earning these exclusive in-game loots.

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Lunar Beast Event Relic Missions

The Lunar Beast Event will have players harnessing the power of the relics found in the event menu. Each relic will have tasks that players will have to complete to make progress. 

Complete Event Missions to Upgrade Lunar Relics

Completing tasks will level up the relic and reward players with Lunar Tokens to use in the event shop in exchange for prizes. 

The countdown for the Lunar Lovers Event

Half of the shop contents will be unlocked when the Lunar Lovers Event commences on Feb. 12, 2021, along with two new champions Xayah and Rakan, and additional event missions to let players earn more Lunar Tokens.

Lunar Spear: Jarvan IV (225 Total Tokens)

  • Earn 2 points for each Dragon and baron killed by your team.
  • Earn 1 point for each Rift Herald Killed by your team.

Lunar Flintlocks: Miss Fortune (225 Total Tokens)

  • Earn +2 points per win.
  • Earn +1 point per loss.
  • Earn +1 point per game with a premade team.

Lunar Blade: Fiora (225 Total Tokens)

  • Earn +1 point per takedown.
  • Earn +5 points if awarded the MVP/SVP.

Lunar Bear: Annie (300 Total Tokens)

  • Earn +1 point for each gift sent to another player

Note: You don’t have to complete this mission since more event missions will be provided when the Lunar Lovers Event comes letting you earn more Lunar Tokens. 

Lunar Axe: Darius (300 Total Tokens)

  • Earn +1 point for each turret destroyed by your team.
  • Earn +3 points for winning a game under 15 minutes.

Lunar Gauntlets: Alistar 

Alistar’s Gauntlets have no event missions provided.

Event Shop Contents

These are the available contents in the Lunar Beast Event Shop.

Here are the items you can purchase in the shop. More items will be unlocked on Feb. 12, 2021;

  • Team Boost
  • Beacon of the Bull (Bauble)
  • Ouch! (Emote)
  • Lunar Beast Fiora Pose
  • Lunar Beast Darius Pose
  • Lunar Beast Jarvan IV Pose
  • Lunar Beast Alistar Pose
  • Lunar Beast Annie Pose
  • Lunar Beast Miss Fortune Pose
  • Lunar Beast Random Skin Chest (Up to Epic Tier)

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Don’t miss this opportunity to earn free skins, emote, and more in the Lunar Beast Event. There are many missions to do, so be sure to finish them early so you wouldn’t miss them when the event comes to a close. Also, remember to check on the Lunar Hunt Event coming this Feb. 10, 2021 for a chance to earn free Wild Cores and Wild Rift merchandise. 

Stay tuned for updates regarding new upcoming content in Wild Rift.

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