Microboy Talks About Why He Joined EVOS Esports


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Microboy Talks About Why He Joined EVOS Esports

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  • Microboy recently parted ways with Bigetron Red Aliens and joined Evos Esports. It was previously reported that he official retired until EVOS Esports announced that he will be joining the organization's PUBG Mobile roster.
  • This big reveal was met with mixed reactions from fans. Microboy later explained why he joined EVOS Esports through one of his livesteams.
  • Microboy stated that he originally planned to retire but decided to continue as an esports player because there are fans and well-wishers who still believe in his talent.

Microboy’s transition from Bigetron Red Aliens to EVOS esports has been met with mixed reactions from fans. This was because Microboy officially expressed his desire to retire when he refused to renew his contract with Bigetron Red Aliens after the conclusion of the PMGC 2020. Some fans wished him luck on his new journey with EVOS esports while others were still puzzled about his decisions. Finally, Microboy has revealed the reason why he left Bigetron Red Aliens and moved into EVOS esports in one of his livestreams. 

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Microboy Explains Why He Joined EVOS Esports

Nizar "Microboy" Lugatio Pratama was widely known as one of the best players under Bigetron Red Aliens. With him in the lineup, as support, Bigetron Esports had multiple successful outings in various PUBG Mobile tournaments like the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split and the PUBG Mobile World League East 2020. On Jan. 29, 2021, Microboy officially parted ways with Bigetron Red Aliens. Later it was announced that the Indonesian star will be playing under EVOS esports for the next season. 

Following this, in his livestream, Microboy revealed that his fans and well-wishers were one of the primary reasons that he chose to continue playing.

“I also wanted to leave(BTR RA) a long time ago. I just wanted to rest, I also discussed this with my parents,” Microboy stated in his stream. 

He added that he originally intended to retire after his departure from Bigetron Red Aliens. However, there are still those who believed in him, fans he cared about. This made him decide that he should continue his journey as an esports pro player. 

Microboy also added that his move from Bigetron to EVOS was not a problem to his former teammates, especially Ryzen, Luxxy, Zuxxy, and Liquid who are members of the Bigetron Red Aliens roster.

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Microboy has contributed a lot to the success of Bigetron Esports during his stay in the team. It will be interesting to see what more he can achieve alongside his new team, EVOS Esports. 

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