PUBG Mobile Pro Player Microboy Joins Evos Esports


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PUBG Mobile Pro Player Microboy Joins Evos Esports

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  • Microboy signed up for EVOS Esports after his departure with Bigetron Esports.
  • EVOS Esports new roster is comprised of, Foxe, EXC, Morfeus, Renaldy, Microboy, Lugatio, and RedFace.
  • Microboy has achieved a lot under Bigetron Red Aliens. It would be interesting to see what he can achieve with his new team, EVOS Esports.

Nizar "Microboy" Lugatio Pratama has joined EVOS Esports after he recently parted ways with Bigetron Red Aliens. Earlier yesterday, EVOS Esports released a video announcement welcoming the Indonesian PUBG Mobile player to their roster. This big reveal shocked the fans as it was previously reported that Microboy had officially retired from the esports scene following the conclusion of the PMGC 2020. 

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Microboy Joins EVOS Esports

Microboy has been one of the key factors in Bigetron Esports’ success. Initially, he was a member of the ION Lineup but was proven good enough to join the Red Aliens’ main roster alongside Luxxy and Zuxxy. With him in the lineup, Bigetron Esports had multiple successful outings in various PUBG Mobile tournaments like the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 Fall Split and the PUBG Mobile World League East 2020.

The player recently competed in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) under the Bigetron Red Aliens banner. Unfortunately, he only played a few games in the support role before Liquid replaced him in the PMGC Grand Finals. 

On Jan. 29, 2021, Microboy officially parted ways with Bigetron Red Aliens. This paved the way for Microboy to join the EVOS esports ranks and continue his journey as an esports pro under the organization. 

“The addition of Microboy to EVOS Esports’ PUBGM roster is timely as we are strengthening our team for 2021 and in unison with the rebranding of the team to EVOS REBORN. We truly recognize Microboy’s immense talent and skillsets which have brought him success with multiple world championship titles and we are excited to see him donning the EVOS jersey soon. To our #EVOSFAMS, let’s give him a warm welcome! EVOS.Microboy, welcome onboard! #EVOSROAR,” said Hartman Harris, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of EVOS Esports.

PUBG Mobile Pro Player Microboy Joins Evos Esports
Credits: Liquipedia

Microboy, in his journey with Bigetron Aliens has earned over $163,756 USD showcasing amazing feats like placing 2nd place in the PGMC Season 0: League Stage and winning the PUBG Mobile Pro League - Fall Split 2020: SEA

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EVOS Esports PUBG Mobile Roster

Following Microboy’s addition, EVOS Esports’ roster is:

  • Andiray “Foxe” Tjiutra
  • Fatria “EXC” Airlangga Lubis    
  • Alfin "Morfeus" Pratama
  • Putra Renaldy "Lyzerg" Pitoy
  • Nizar "Microboy" Lugatio Pratama
  • Eksarachman "RedFace" Jayanto

EVOS Esports is expected to make their debut at the PUBG Mobile Indonesia League - Season 2.

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