Free Fire: How to Obtain the Stereo Blaster Bundle For Free

Free Fire: How to Obtain the Stereo Blaster Bundle For Free

John Dave Rossel
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  • Garena announced the event calendar for the Music Festival event featuring the Stereo Blaster Set.
  • Obtain Trumpet tokens by completing mission all throughout the event to exchange for various in-game items in the exchange shop.
  • Login on Jan. 16 to obtain a party hat token which is required to obtain the featured character set.

Free Fire has been handing out a lot of free stuff for players recently. This time, they announced the Music Festival event. The event offers a ton of in-game rewards for players to obtain. One of these rewards is the Stereo Blaster character set. Here is how you can get your hands on this character’s skin for free.

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How to Obtain the Stereo Blaster in Free Fire

You can obtain this new character set by participating in the Music Festival event. Complete missions to obtain Trumpet Tokens and Party Hat Tokens. These tokens can be obtained through various types of missions.

Stereo Blaster Skin Preview | Credits: Garena

You can obtain Trumpet tokens from Jan. 8 until Jan 17, 2021. You can get up to 8 Trumpet tokens from daily missions A total of 30 trumpet tokens are needed to obtain the Stereo Blaster set. 

Credits: Garena

You can obtain Party Hat tokens during the Peak Day of the Music Festival Event on Jan. 16 until Jan. 17, 2021. You can obtain this token by simply logging in to the specified date. 

Aside from the Party Hat token, you can also obtain various rewards such as Gold Royale vouchers, Incubator Vouchers, and Polar Bear Hat by completing event missions. 

Credits: Garena

Here are the items you can obtain by exchanging tokens in the shop;

  • 30 Trumpet Tokens + 1 Party Hat Token = Bundle Stereo Blaster
  • 10 Trumpet Tokens = Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 5 Trumpet Tokens = Futuristic Weapon Loot Crate
  • 2 Trumpet Tokens = Scan

Music Festival Event Calendar

Aside from the Stereo Blaster set, there are tons of free stuff obtainable from the Music Festival event. Here is the event calendar that shows their current and upcoming events;

  • Jan 8 - 17: Discover the Music Web Event
  • Jan 8 - 18: Daily Event Missions
  • Jan 8 - 20: Token Exchange Featuring Stereo Blaster Set
  • Jan 9 - 18: Booyah Challenge
  • Jan 13 - 18: Cumulative Travel
  • Jan 11 - 18: Cumulative Play With Friend
  • Jan 16 - 17: Peak Day Cumulative Mission

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Credits: Garena

Garena Free Fire has been stacking events on top of events for this month. The One Punch Man collaboration event will commence very soon, so there is a lot of events for players to participate in. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Free Fire’s upcoming content. 

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