Wild Rift: Season 1 Ranked Reward Skin Announced

Wild Rift: Season 1 Ranked Reward Skin Announced

John Dave Rossel
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  • Riot Games announced their first Glorious Skin for Wild Rift.
  • Ranked Season 1 will have a Glorious Skin for Tryndamere for players who reach the Gold rank and above.
  • An upcoming event is also being teased by Riot Games in their social media pages.

The Ranked Season 0 for Wild Rift is coming to an end. The next Ranked Season for the game will start on Jan. 8, 2021. Riot Games has announced the very first Ranked Season 1 Skin reward for Wild Rift. This skin will be available on the upcoming patch 2.0 of Wild Rift along with other skins for different champions. 

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Wild Rift Ranked Season 1 Glorious Skin Reward

If you played League of Legends PC, you know that every ranked season has a special skin, called Glorious Skins, is awarded to players who reach the gold rank and above. It looks like Riot Games will be bringing that system to Wild Rift as well.

Riot Games has announced its first Glorious Skin reward for the upcoming Season 1 for Wild Rift. This skin is for the champion Tryndamere and has been named: "Glorious Tryndamere."

This is just a splash art found within the game's files. Official images/splash-art for the Glorious Tryndamere skin is yet to be revealed by Riot Games.

Upcoming Champion Skins

Along with the big announcement for the Ranked Season 1, new skins will also be released in the shop. 

This is the complete list of skins that will be added to the in-game skin shop.

  • Sad Robot Amumu
  • Urfrider Corki
  • Arcade Corki
  • Star Guardian Janna
  • Star Guardian Jinx
  • Arctic Ops Kennen
  • Star Guardian Lulu
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu
  • Star Guardian Lux
  • Cottontail Teemo
  • Guerilla Tristana
  • Arclight Varus
  • Little Devil Teemo
  • Little Demon Tristana
  • Wicked Lulu
  • Super Kennen
  • Star Guardian Ezreal

As you noticed, the devs released a lot of star guardian skins for this patch. Fans speculate that an upcoming star guardian event is in the works for Wild Rift but Riot Games hasn’t confirmed these rumors. 

What they did announce is an upcoming event featuring Bandle City’s cute mighty champions, Teemo, Lulu, Kennen, Corki, and Tristana. 

Upcoming Event

Riot Games hasn’t given a concrete explanation as to what this event is going to be about. But the hints depict that it has something to do with finding the new upcoming champions in Wild Rift. 

A hint has been posted on their social media pages. This seems to be a map of Bandle city torn into 4 pieces. 2 pieces have been revealed at the time of writing this article. It looks like there is a QR code in the middle of the map, we can’t be so sure until all the pieces have been revealed. 

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The release date for the upcoming update is yet to be announced by Riot Games. This is just the beginning of Riot Game’s surprises for players in Wild Rift. Stay tuned for more news regarding the upcoming updates for Wild Rift. 

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