Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Confirmed for Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
5/Jan/2021 07:28 am

Riot Games announced their upcoming patch 2.0 for Wild Rift.
The patch adds 5 new champions to the game.
No released date announced so far for the Wild Rift patch 2.0.

Wild Rift has been teasing the release of Teemo since last year. They have been throwing hints on their social media pages and their Dev Diary video. Now, Riot Games has finally confirmed the arrival of Teemo along with 4 of his yordle friends in Wild Rift. 

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Upcoming Champions Confirmed

Teemo, The Swift Scout

Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Coming to Wildrift Credits: Riot Games

The Sneaky scout has revealed himself and will be arriving pretty soon on Wild Rift. Teemo is a Mage/Marksman champion capable of going invisible. His ultimate lets him place poisonous mushrooms on the map that deal damage and slow unsuspecting victims. 

Corki, The Daring Bombardier

Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Coming to Wildrift Credits: Riot Games

Corki is a unique marksman that receives a special package inside the base. When he picks up the package, he gains extra effects on his ultimate. He is a unique champion that forces you to return to base to receive an extra damage boost. 

Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest

Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Coming to Wildrift Credits: Riot Games

This little ninja is one of the most unique marksmen in League of Legends PC. He can build magic or attack damage or even both and still be a viable champion. A very flexible champion for any lane. 

Tristana, The Yordle Gunner

Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Coming to Wildrift Credits: Riot Games

Another marksman on the list but with a totally different set of skills. Her passive allows her to gain increased range the more she levels up. She can jump on enemies to slow them and the cooldown resets when she kills an enemy champion allowing her to infinitely jump as long as she gets a kill.

Lulu, The Fae Sorceress

Wild Rift : 5 New Champions Coming to Wildrift Credits: Riot Games

Lulu is an enchanter support who can turn enemies into critters, preventing them from casting skills. She can also buff allies, increasing their size and max HP making them very intimidating.

Other Features in Wild Rift Patch 2.0

Riot Games has announced the contents of their upcoming patch 2.0 for their mobile game. The new features include party finder, latency indicators, social sharing, etc.

Here is the list of new features added to the game;

Party Finder

This allows players to find premade games and join them. Owners of a pre-made game can set their lobby to be public or private. This will allow players to find players to play with and maybe even find new friends. 

Latency Indicators

The previous latency indicators are a bit inaccurate. The devs have designed a better one mainly, a network indicator to show what kind of network the players(Wifi, 4G, Etc.). The in-game latency indicator should be more accurate now.

Social Sharing

This is a simple feature where you can now screenshot of the end-game scoreboard. You can choose to save it on your phone or share it to various social media accounts. Flexing your KDA has never been this easy in Wild Rift. 

Map Description

The map is now filled with various useful information that you can use to get familiar with the world of Wild Rift. 

Tutorial Optimization

More reason to not skip tutorials. More helpful tutorials have been added and certain tutorials have been updated. 

Champion Mastery Emotes

You wanna flex how good you are at a champion? Master emotes will arrive soon. If you reach mastery level 5 on your favorite champion, you will gain a new emote for you to flex on everyone. 

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The release date for this upcoming patch is yet to be announced by Riot Games. Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming content for Wild Rift. 


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