Four of the Top 5 Most Popular Esports Events Of 2020 Were Mobile Esports Events

Four of the Top 5 Most Popular Esports Events Of 2020 Were Mobile Esports Events

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  • Despite being a tough year, fans tuned in by the millions to watch their favourite esports tournaments.
  • Data reported by Esports Charts shows League of Legends still on top of the board for most popular by a long shot.
  • Mobile esports events were also quite popular this year.

This year was a tough year overall. The global lockdowns disrupted most events and activities including several offline tournaments. Tournament organisers had no choice but to take their events online. Several major tournaments were cancelled, still, some were replaced. This did not stop 2020 from being a big year as fans tuned in by the millions to watch their favourite esports events. We take a look at some of the most popular esports events of 2020.

Esports Charts’ Top 5 For Hours Watched

According to data reported by Esports Charts, the hours watched leader hasn't changed from the previous year. Worlds 2020, the main tournament of the year for League of Legends, is still at the top with 139 million hours watched. This number has grown from last year by 2.8 million hours watched. The top 5 in the hours watched category is dominated by League of Legends. LCK Spring and Summer as well as LEC Summer rank in second, third and fourth places respectively. 

Courtesy: Esports Charts

This year a mobile game finally cracked not only the top 20 but the top 5. PUBG Mobile World League 2020 East came in fifth place in Esports Charts’ list with 37.33 million hours watched. 

Top 5 For Peak Viewership

Looking at peak viewership, Free Fire made quite a splash. League of Legends World Championship 2020 or Worlds 2020 still remained at the top with 3.8 million concurrent views. However, last year’s numbers were higher for Worlds by 2%.  

Courtesy: Esports Charts

Free Fire events are three of the five in this list. Despite the Free Fire Continental Series taking place in November, the game managed to set records for peak viewership in Asia and America. The game received special love in India as 1.5 million Hindi speakers tuned in to watch Free Fire Continental Series 2020 Asia. The Spanish FFL Clausura event gathered 1.2 million concurrent viewers is a testament to the game’s popularity in not only Brazil but in the whole region of Latin America.

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The sixth season of  Mobile Premier League in Indonesia appeared in the fourth position. This year was fortunate for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The next three tournaments, along with MPL ID Season 6, overtook MLBB World Championship 2019 and set the records in several regions.

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