Free Fire Teases Winter Surprise, The Arrival Of Bermuda 2.0


Free Fire Teases Winter Surprise, The Arrival Of Bermuda 2.0

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  • Free Fire teases winter surprise featuring rewards for Bermuda 2.0 missions.
  • Garena also teased on Instagram about the revamped map coming to the game.
  • The new Bermuda will have at least four new cities: Academy, Fisherman Creek, Hydrapower, and Yagami Garden.

As Operation Chrono continues on Free Fire, Garena has announced a new event on Instagram starting on 25th December called New Beginning. This will let survivors try the brand new Bermuda 2.0. The remastered version of Bermuda will include new in-game content to prepare for the launch in early January. The new version of the map was revealed way back in July on the Advanced Server of the game, but it was never released to all players.

About The Bermuda 2.0 Map

The new Bermuda will have at least four new cities: Academy, Fisherman Creek, Hydrapower, and Yagami Garden. Academy will likely replace Bullseye and Graveyard, and the new city will have the most loot in the region. Fisherman Creek will be the replacement for Rim Nam Village, located southeast of the map. Hydrapower will be located where there already is a dam on the map, while Yagami Garden will have many buildings for players who like to camp.

Free Fire Teases Winter Surprise, The Arrival Of Bermuda 2.0
Courtesy: Garena/gamingonphone

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Bermuda 2.0 Challenges

The event includes a number of missions, each with their own set of prizes. 

Free Fire Teases Winter Surprise, The Arrival Of Bermuda 2.0
Courtesy: Garena
  • Airdrop Challenge - Visit Airdrops and loot weapons to get prizes.
    Loot 1 Airdrop: 1x Scanner
    Loot 3 Airdrop: 2x M4A1- Wild Carnival Weapon Loot Crate
    Loot 5 Airdrop: Deathbox - Winterlands Ice Box
  • Explore New Map - Explore the new Bermuda 2.0 map to find out what new locations are available to get a Yeti Buddy Grenade.
    Travel 10000m on Bermuda Remastered Map: 50x Universal Fragment
    Travel 25000m on Bermuda Remastered Map: 3x Warrior's Spirit Weapon Loot Crate
    Travel 50000m on Bermuda Remastered Map: Grenade - Yeti Buddy
  • Save Friends- Revive your friends who have been downed in the battlefield to get a Pet Skin Night Panther Snow for free.
    Revive 4 friends: 2x Night Panther Loot Crate
    Revive 8 friends: 4x Night Panther Loot Crate
    Revive 12 friends: Pet Skin - Night Panther Snow

  • Daily Login- Login for a whole week (7 days) to get the Chrono's Backpack.
    Login 1 day: 1x Pet Food
    Login 3 days: 3x Loot Crate Blackbelt Taekwondo
    5 days login: 4x Famas - Metallic Weapon Loot Crate
    Login 7 days: Chrono's Backpack

  • New Beginning Missions- Get Luck Royale tickets just by playing on Peak Day, between 1st and 4th January 2021.
    Play 5 matches: 1x Gold Royale Voucher
    Play 15 matches: 1x Snowman Token
    Play 20 matches: Acc - Snowman Hat
    Play 25 matches: 2x Incubator Vouchers
  • New Year's Exchange- Exchange your tokens to bring Gun Skin MP40 - Engineer to the collection too.
    45 Rudolf Token + 1 Snowman Token: MP40 - Engineer
    5 Rudolf Token: Banner - Winterlands 2020
    5 Rudolf Token: Engineer Weapon Loot Crate
    2 Rudolf Token: Summon Airdrop (Max 99)

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