PUBG Mobile Releases Emoji Lover Set

John Dave Rossel
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  • PUBG Mobile released Frost Festival Event with exciting new contents to discover.
  • PUBG Mobile x Emoji collaboration event is live.
  • Another surprise event awaits on Dec. 24, 2020.

PUBG Mobile is gaining a massive player base as time passes. The devs have been regularly updating the game, adding new fun content for their players. The new update, Frost Festival, blankets the whole map with snow and ice to deliver that winter vibe to the game. New limited-time, winter-themed contents have also arrived. 

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A Winter Makeover in PUBG Mobile

Everyone’s favorite classic map, Erangel, is getting a winter makeover. The new-look features snowy mountains and decorations that will surely tickle your cheerful holiday spirit. Fun is just one tap away, simply select the Erangel event mode in the in-game menu to start playing.

Frost castles will also spawn randomly in the map. Explore these areas to obtain military grade loot and get ahead of your enemies. Collect snowballs and eggs and throw them to deploy portable covers. 

Slide your way across the terrain with cool-looking snowboards. The ski works normally where players will slide down from a high ground and achieve momentum to perform impressive stunts.

Some parts of the map are completely frozen, meaning you can walk and drive through ice. Icebergs are scattered across the map and can be used to set up traps for unsuspecting players.

PUBG Mobile Holiday Market Event

This event will bring warmth into your winter wonderland map. You can enter this event from Dec. 18 until Dec. 31, 2020. In the event interface, you can claim winter coins to exchange various items in the shop. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain a permanent Snow Fashionista Set. 

You can gain more coins by upgrading the shops in the event interface. Complete missions to obtain scraps that you can use to upgrade your shops. The better the upgrades, the faster you can farm for winter coins. 

PUGB Mobile Releases Emoji Lover Set

Along with the Frost Festival update, the game is also using Emojis to help players express themselves creatively. The collaboration features the Emoji Lover’s Set, emoji-themed parachutes, weapon skins, and more. 

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On top of the Winter Festival and the Emoji Collaboration event, another special event will be revealed in PUBG Mobile very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the big reveal.

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