M2 Championship - What To Expect From Qualified Teams


M2 Championship - What To Expect From Qualified Teams

Nutan Lele
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  • The M2 Championship will feature 12 teams competing for a total prize pool of $300,000.
  • In addition to playing for a total prize pool of $300K, the winning team will also receive their very own skin.
  • We take at a look at the teams participating in the event.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer Moonton announced the M2 World Championship, where teams from different regions will compete for a total prize pool of $300,000. The MLBB M2 World Championship will be hosted in Singapore next year January 2021. In addition to playing for a total prize pool of $300K, the winning team will also receive their very own skin. The tournament brackets have also been announced.

The last season was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, featuring 16 teams from different regions and a total prize pool of $250,000. Last time, Evos Legends took the crown and went home with a grand prize of $80,000. The M1 World Championship notably featured the 16 best MLBB teams in the world, whereas the M2 World Championship is only able to accommodate 12 teams due to restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The teams attending the event have been declared:

  • DREAMMAX (Brazil)
  • IMPUNITY KH (Cambodia)
  • RRQ (Indonesia)
  • ALTER EGO ESPORTS (Indonesia)
  • 10S GAMING FROST (Japan)
  • TODAK (Malaysia)
  • BURMESE GHOULS (Myanmar)
  • BREN ESPORTS (Philippines)
  • OMEGA ESPORTS (Philippines)
  • UNIQUE DEVU (Russia)
  • RSG EVOS SG (Singapore)

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About Teams Participating In M2 World Championship

DreamMax (Brazil)

DreamMax’s roster consists of Nix (Midlane), Homis (Gold lane), Cabral (XP lane), Waas (Tank), Mayke (Tank), Luiiz (Jungle) and Aura (Jungle). The Brazilian newcomer should certainly pose a threat to the SEA teams, given their ever-changing playstyle. The team’s mix of strong veteran players like Homis, Waas and Aura certainly give them an advantage despite being new to the scene. Their roaming support playstyle has many teams stumped, however, SEA’s fast gameplay may be hard for them to cope with. 

Impunity KH (Cambodia)

Cambodia will be represented in M2 by Impunity KH, Cellcard’s pro-MLBB team. The team won big in the final round of the PlayGame MLBB Series. Impunity KH’s squad consists of new faces including Boom, Naiker, Oppi, Rookie and Seven. The players started to play together quite recently, training as a team for the first time in April, yet with great teamwork have already managed to make waves in the MLBB pro scene. Oppi of Impunity KH said about M2, “My biggest dream is to make Impunity KH the number one team in the Kingdom and have Cambodia present on the international stage”. 

10S Gaming Frost (Japan)

10S Gaming Frost is all too familiar with this tournament, having finished in the top 6 at M1 last year. The team beat formidable opponents like Onic PH with their playstyle and drafting which is hard to decode. However, Todak Esports beat this team last time they were on the world stage. Since then only captain Obuyan who plays Support/Mage remains from the M1 squad. The current roster consists of Obuyan, Peco (Fighter), Koro (Fighter), Pappa (Fighter/Mage), Shina (Fighter/Assassin) and Sevnea (Tank).

Unique Deus Vult (Russia)

This Russian roster consisting of Lil (Tank), SAWO (Support), Oneshot (Midlane), Sunset Lover (Sidelane), Defender (Sidelane) and WarBarbie (Tank). Since their sub-par performance in M1 last year, the team has updated their roster to have a mix of rookies and veterans in the scene. Oneshot, Defender and WarBarbie represent the newer talent, whale Lil and Sunset Lover fulfil the role of mentors. DeVu’s playstyle involves putting pressure on side lanes and using that to snowball to victory.

Southeast Asian Teams

Southeast Asian teams Bren and Omega secured direct invites from Moonton after finishing champion and runner-up, respectively, in the MPL-Philippines Season 6. They will be looking to carry on the SEA legacy, with M1 winners EVOS Legends not having gotten an invite. Bren is expected to be a strong contender after coming in second place behind Alter Ego Esports in the recently concluded ONE Esports Invitational.

Alter Ego and reigning Indonesian champion RRQ Hoshi will also take part in M2. MPL-MYSG winner Todak of Malaysia is invited and Singaporean squads Resurgence and EVOS SG will also be competing.

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