BREN Epro Claims the Crown on MLBB The Nationals


BREN Epro Claims the Crown on MLBB The Nationals

John Dave Rossel
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  • Bren Epro crowned The Nationals Season 2 Champions.
  • Smart Omega managed to climb to the grand finals from the loser's bracket.
  • Bren won against Omega with a score of 3-2 in a reverse sweep match .

The grand finals for The Nationals Season 2 have been intense. The fight between Bren Epro and Smart Omega was a close fight, with both teams fighting with all they got till the end. Both teams manage to even out the odds, but Omega Esports lost in the final match giving Bren the victory in an intense reverse sweep battle.

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MLBB The Nationals Season 2 Grand Finals

The two teams have fought against each other where Bren sent Omega down to the Loser’s bracket with a score of 2-1. Omega fought hard in the loser’s bracket and earned their shot at The Nationals grand finals. 

The final confrontation was held on a best-of-five match where Omega dominated the first two matches and secured a 2-0 lead.

Omega had momentum on their side, but Bren managed to even the tides in Games 3 and 4. The Nationals Season 1 champions showed Omega what they’re made of and made an epic comeback on the third match. Omega’s infamous Diggie Strategy was no match for Bren this time. They also secured a win in the fourth match to take it to a deciding Game 5 in The Nationals Season 2 grand finals. 

Bren stood back on their feet and delivered a splendid performance for the viewers. Every clash was a high stakes team fight. The match was decided when Bren and Omega fought for who will gain control of the Lord. The battle at the Lord pit was a success for Bren, leaving Heath and Kenji, the only survivors of the clash, to recall back to the base and defend it. 

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Bren didn’t bother killing the Lord and proceeded to destroy the last remaining mid lane turret. Heath and Kenji tried their best to protect the turret, but they couldn’t hold against the 5 enemies on the opposing side. Bren didn’t hesitate and head straight to the Nexus to secure their second Nationals title.

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