How To Access Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Winter War


How To Access Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Winter War

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile is heading into Season 13 called Winter War
  • The team announced on Discord that it needs help with the public build test.
  • Players can be of immense help if they download the new beta, login, load into the main menu and play one match of anything.

As Season 12 of Call of Duty: Mobile comes to an end, fans are gearing up for Season 13 called Winter War. With several teasers released for the upcoming season, new maps and a new battle pass featuring new operators, blueprints are more expected. While most will have to wait for the update to go live on the servers, Call of Duty: Mobile is offering a chance for players to help out the developers by playing the new season with the public test build

Call of Duty: Mobile Needs Players For Public Test Build

The Call of Duty: Mobile team posted on the Discord server saying, “It is Thursday December 17th and we surprisingly are still going with the public test build! To be straight-forward, we have encountered issues there that our teams are working on extensively to fix before the upcoming Season 13 release, but that has also meant we've had to do many public test builds to try out and test those fixes.” 

Courtesy: Call of Duty: Mobile/Discord

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The team is inviting players to test issues relating to login and initial start-up process saying it would be ‘an immense help to just download this new beta, login, load into the main menu and play one match of anything.’ Here are the details of the public test build:

  • Test end date is to be declared 
  • Available for Android devices only
  • Download Size: 2 gigabytes, Wifi connection is highly recommended
  • Downloadable via APK here: 
  • Content suited for ages 16+
  • All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted

The developer goes on to thank anyone who takes the time to go through this process, contributing to a better and more technically sound Season 13 update. 

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