How To Get The Chrono Surfboard In Free Fire


How To Get The Chrono Surfboard In Free Fire

Nutan Lele
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  • As Peak Day approaches, Garena is putting up the Chrono Surfboard up for grabs.
  • Players will need to collect a number of Green Power Cube Tokens.
  • Players have the opportunity to get 30,000 Diamonds as part of the callback event.

Garena Free Fire’s Operation Chrono is approaching Peak Day on 19th December. The month-long event introducing Cristiano Ronaldo-based Chrono is in full swing. The event features several missions and rewards up for grabs. One of the missions is to collect Green Power Cube Tokens. By collecting Green Power Cube Tokens players can get Chrono's Surfboard! 

How to Get The Chrono Surfboard

Free Fire players can get the Chrono's Surfboard by collecting a certain amount of Green Power Cube Tokens. Following are the number of tokens that must be collected and the prizes to be obtained:

  • 20 Tokens = Chrono's Surfboard
  • 10 Tokens = Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 2 Tokens = Resupply Map (Limit 99)

Players can find these tokens through Dead box and Loot Boxes from an enemy that has been killed. 

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30,000 Free Fire Diamond Callback Event

This callback event is a part of Operation Chrono and will take place from 19th to 23rd December 2020. To earn the diamonds players will need to invite old players. Here is a list of missions that must be completed and the prizes that will be obtained in the Callback Operation Chrono:

  • Call Back 1 friend = 1x Blue Chrono Box
  • Call Back 3 friends = 3x Blue Chrono Box
  • Call Back 5 friends = 5x Blue Chrono Box
  • Call Back 7 friends = 7x Blue Chrono Box

From this Blue Chrono Box, players have the opportunity to get 30,000 Diamonds. Meanwhile, the friends you successfully invite and play again will later get 5x Blue Chrono Boxes.

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