Filipino Streamer Akosi Dogie Criticizes Nexplay Solid


Filipino Streamer Akosi Dogie Criticizes Nexplay Solid

John Dave Rossel
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  • Blacklist International defeated Nexplay Solid 3-0 in the Just ML Cup tournament.
  • Popular Filipino Streamer Akosi Dogie shared his thoughts about the match.
  • Akosi Dogie shared what Nexplay might do moving forward.

The Philippine MLBB Tournament, Just ML Cup, has finally concluded. Blacklist International took down Nexplay Solid 3-0 in the Grand Finals and became the champions. Following this, Filipino MLBB streamer and vlogger Akosi Dogie expressed his concerns about Nexplay Solid’s lack of synergy and teamwork. 

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Akosi Dogie Criticizes Nexplay Solid

The popular streamer posted a YouTube video sharing his thoughts about the Just ML Cup’s Grand Finals. Akosi Dogie rewatched the 1st match between Nexplay and Blacklist, as he talked about what he thought about the match and what Nexplay will do moving forward. 

Dogie stated that it’s already been two months, and yet, Nexplay Solid still doesn’t have the skills necessary to join MPL. He stated that he thinks that one of the members might be replaced because of how lackluster their performance was in the match against Blacklist International. 

“Blacklist International’s new team managed to quickly adapt while Nexplay Solid staggered to work together,” stated Dogie.

Problems of frequent roster shuffles

The famous streamer added that replacing team members was not the problem. The real problem was the wasted time trying to adjust the team instead of practicing and building team synergy. He also added that the more the team plays together, the more the team grows. With Nexplay Solid needing to replace team members, two months’ worth of practice in building teamwork is wasted. 

Dogie also added that the draft picks of Nexplay Solid were good, and the only problem was its execution. They failed to maximize the potential of their picks and got overwhelmed by Blacklist International. 

Dogie Thinks That an MLBB esports team's lifespan is just 3 seasons

Nexplay partnered with MLBB Streamer Akosi Dogie in late 2019. The streamer shared his experience with the organization, saying that an MLBB esports team’s lifespan is just around three seasons. 

He added that, after three seasons, the team starts to get toxic. Instead of working together, members will begin to lose control of their ego, and the team will eventually fall apart.

The current MLBB roster for Nexplay Solid was announced in October 2020. The team is composed of JEYMZ, Exort, RENEJAY, Yawi, and H2wo.

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Who is Akosi Dogie? 

Akosi Dogie is a Filipino MLBB Esports professional, streamer, and influencer. He is a part of Nexplay’s streaming company as their professional talent. 

He started off his career on YouTube and has garnered over 5 million subscribers since he started. He exploded in the streaming community following his success in the Mobile Legends community. On Twitch, he has over 17,000 followers and over 5 million followers on Facebook. He currently streams on Facebook and produces YouTube content on his channel “AKOSI DOGIE.” 

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