Global Esports Announces PUBGM Roster With 4 Ex-SouL Players

Global Esports Announces PUBGM Roster With 4 Ex-SouL Players

Nutan Lele
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  • Global Esports is returning to the PUBG Mobile landscape with a new team.
  • Former Team SouL and ETG.Brawlers members are now part of the new Global Esports PUBG Mobile roster.
  • The players are a mix of pros and content creators, some have long been a part of the Indian PUBG Mobile pro scene.

Global Esports is no stranger to the Indian PUBG Mobile community. In the past, they backed SynerGE, a partnership organization for mobile esports. Now that SynerGE has merged with Galaxy Racer, Global Esports is returning to the PUBG Mobile landscape with a new, elite, and star-studded roster with former Team SouL and ETG.Brawlers. Their new roster is as follows:

  • Dhruv "Sangwan" Sangwan
  • Aman "AMAN" Jain
  • Varad "Blaezi" Kadtan
  • Vinay "Iconic" Gahlot
  • Hrithik "Dark" Saxena

What We Know About The New GE PUBG Mobile Team

Sangwan was previously a substitute for ETG.Brawlers alongside Iconic and Dark for PMCO South Asia Fall Split 2019 Finals. During their time, Sangwan made a name for himself with a great show of skill. Later on, he joined VSG Crawlers, played as a substitute for Fnatic, winning the PUBG Mobile All-Stars India 2019 tournament. Later, he joined SouL with whom he etched a few second-place finishes in otherwise unfortunate placements. 

Aman was an integral part of Team SouL before moving to Entity Gaming. His performances at the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019 won him universal praise. During Entity Gaming’s incredible run at the PMCO South Asia Fall Split 2019 Finals, Aman played a crucial role. Later, he returned to Team SouL and stayed there for most of 2020, before standing in for Marcos Gaming and TSM Entity. 

Blaezi joined Team SouL on 9th July of this year. His contract ended on 29th September, and he has worked as a content creator with almost 200k subscribers on YouTube channel. Blaezi is touted to be a talented PUBG Mobile player but hasn’t had the chance to prove his skills in the biggest stages.

Iconic, famous for the catchphrase ‘Iconic Toh Legend Hai’, started his professional career with Team SouL before competing in Tier 1 tournaments with The Dreamers and then The Brawlers, which became ETG.Brawlers. In his latest stint at Element Esports, he secured multiple podium finishes.

Finally, Dark has had a very similar career route to Iconic. He had his start with Team Frag before teaming up with Iconic at The Brawlers, and they have been teammates ever since. Dark is well-known for his assaulting skills that have won him acclaim in the Indian PUBG Mobile ladder.

In a statement to AFK Gaming, Global Esports stated that they believe that the government will unban PUBG Mobile in India shortly and that it is just a matter of when it will happen.

Speaking to AFK Gaming, Dr Rushindra Sinha, CEO, and Founder of Global Esports said:

"We’ve always wanted to get our own squad under the GE brand, and this seemed like the perfect time, we’re making a lot of big moves in the space, and with everything we have in the pipeline, this seemed like the right time. With regards to the PUBG mobile ban. We know that Krafton is doing everything they can to comply with the government and release it in India at the earliest. So it’s not an if but rather a when. We have so many things lined up. It really didn’t make sense to wait."

He also spoke about the roster's potential.

"This roster is a great combination of skill and experience and I feel together they have the right build to really knock things out of the park based on everything we have planned for this year ahead"

Considering the quality of the players on offer, it would be quite the surprise if we don't see Global Esports amongst the top teams in the country.

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