Wild Rift Fans Face Issues In Eastern Europe After Release

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  • Open Beta has gone live in Europe, Turkey, Russia & CIS, Middle East and North Africa.
  • Users in Eastern Europe are still not able to access the game.
  • One user took to Reddit and received an apology from a Rioter.

Riot Games has slowly been rolling out Wild Rift across regions of the world as players wait patiently for a chance to play the game. While the global release doesn’t have a specific date yet, Wild Rift has seen various alpha, closed and open betas go live in certain regions, beginning with Southeast Asia. In November, Riot announced that European fans would get the game on 10th December while Vietnam, Oceania, and Taiwan would be able to download it on 7th December. However, some European players could access the game before 10th. 

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Early Birds Get But No Wild Rift Worm?

Although the official date is here, many eager players say that they don’t see a download button when they check out Wild Rift’s Google and Apple Store pages. Users in Eastern Europe also complained about not being able to play the game. One Redditor from Eastern Europe raised a ticket and got the following response:

Wild Rift Fans Face Issues In Eastern Europe After Release

Rioter R_Bazerka replied to their query asking them to raise a ticket and apologizing for the delays saying, “Apologies in advance, with EU launch as you might guess there are a lot of people submitting tickets so the delay is longer than usual (kind of like opening your work email after a long holiday). However, I can assure you all EU countries from Portugal all the way through Russia are live and hosting games.”

Unlike the SEA release of Wild Rift which saw a lot of buzz, Riot’s European rollout seems to be happening without a lot of hype. Riot hasn’t tweeted out about the launch like it did in Southeast Asia yet. According to Dotesports, the developer may be looking to stress test its servers prior to one of the larger scale releases in the game’s history. Turkey, Europe, Russia/CIS, and MENA are regions with gigantic League of Legends player bases, meaning the demand will likely be significantly higher on 10th December.

While Riot says it is doing everything to get the Wild Rift experience out to players as soon as possible, it has put measures in place to stop VPN users from getting access. The publisher said it would take strict action against players who used VPNs.  Riot has found a solution in preventing access to most popular VPN services, but the status of the accounts that are still able to access the beta with other available VPNs remains a mystery.

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