How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire

How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire

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  • Garena offers players multiple ways to claim Free Fire Diamonds.
  • Diamonds can be used to buy cosmetic items like skins.
  • There are multiple offers on Free Fire which let players get bonuses for topping up.

Garena Free Fire’s in-game currency called Diamonds can be used to buy cool cosmetic items for your character or weapon. These do have an impact on the actual gameplay. Diamonds can also be used to unlock characters. However, this doesn’t make the game pay-to-win as there are multiple ways to unlock characters other than using Free Fire Diamonds.  

How To Get Free Fire Diamonds Without Top Up 

March Clips Event (Limited time event)

The March Clips event will run until March 16, 2021. Players can submit gameplay clips of them killing an enemy using any type of vehicle in Free Fire. The best and most creative gameplay clips submitted by players will win a share of the 10,000 diamonds prize pool. 

Here's how to participate:

  1. Players can access the event page by clicking on the “Calendar” icon located on the right side of the main lobby.
  2. Tap on the News tab in the calendar interface. 
  3. Tap on the March Clips Event
  4. Tap on the Go To button to be directed to the Booyah! App. If you don’t have the Booyah! App, you will be directed to the Play Store or App Store from where you can install it.
  5. Tap on the Event in the Booyah! App and Join the event.
  6. Players can then share their gameplay clips in the app.

After you complete these steps, you just have to wait. Garena will choose the winners who will get some free diamonds for creating the best highlights.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app you can download from the Play Store. Answer surveys and earn Google Play balance. Players can then use this to top up Free Fire Diamonds. Currently, there is another offer which lets players unlock Joseph for their first Diamond top-up. 

How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire
Courtesy: Google

Free Fire Giveaways

Players can get Free Fire diamonds for free by participating in in-game events and custom rooms. Many channels and Instagram pages also host giveaways that include diamonds and several other items as rewards.

Garena Events:

Free Fire also adds in-game events that allow players to obtain diamonds at no cost, a few times a month. For example, a recent in-game event called ‘Watch Clips to Win,’ was hosted by Garena. Players could watch videos on the BOOYAH! application for 10 minutes to earn Flaming Skull Gun Boxes, 5 diamonds, and 50 Booyah Tickets.

How To Top Up Diamonds In Free Fire (Through Payment)

Players can top up Free Fire Diamonds by purchasing them through the Play Store. There are multiple options players can choose from including UPI, net banking, debit card, and credit card. 

How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire
Courtesy: Google/Garena

Garena has announced a 100% top-up bonus to all the players who buy Diamonds through the Free Fire top-up centre. Visit the Garena Top Up Center through this link which redirects you to Games Kharido. 

How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire
Courtesy: Garena

Log in with your Free Fire ID and choose a mode of payment. Complete your payment and wait a few minutes before you log on to Free Fire. You will see your diamonds there. Players who have bought the Free Fire pass can also level up their passes for a total of 800 extra diamonds

How To Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire

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