MLBB Desert Racing Event Announced



MLBB Desert Racing Event Announced

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB Desert Racing event announced.

  • The event let's you build a team with your friends and race to earn skins and other items.

  • Top 1 of each team will receive a permanent skin.

Moonton has announced the next segment of their Blazing West event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) called The MLBB Desert Racing event. This time, you’ll need to build your team and race to victory. The event was announced on their official MLBB Facebook page. The event promises more free skins for the winners of the event.

MLBB Blazing West Event Details

There are 3 stages in the event;

  • Stage 1 - Treasure Hunt (Nov. 25 to 30)

  • Stage 2 - Desert Racing Warm-up (Dec. 1 to 4)

  • Stage 3 - Desert Racing Proper (Dec. 5 to 11)

You can earn Kane Tokens in different ways during the three stages. Each player can earn only a limited number of Kane Tokens over the course of the MLBB Desert Racing event, so proper spending of these tokens is advised.

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MLBB Desert Racing Event Details

During the “Desert Racing Warm-up”, players can build a team with their friends. Each Team contains 5 members. Any member can choose to leave the team anytime they want.

You can use Kane tokens to upgrade your vehicle’s engine to further boost its horsepower making it faster. You can use Magic Energy to further boost your speed. Magic Energies are bought in the MLBB Desert Racing event shop and can be used for your team.

Every player will play for their team, but they can choose to leave and join another team only if that team has enough vacancies. Each player can only have one team at a time. Team building will be closed on Dec. 9, 2020.

Credits: Moonton

During the third stage of the MLBB Desert Racing event, the teams will be divided into 6 different groups according to the number of team members and the level of vehicles they own. The race begins at 00:00(Server Time) every day and lasts for 16 hours. You can get the corresponding rewards by moving a certain distance. 

During the race, you can quit your team but you won’t be able to join another one until the race is over. After each race, there will be an 8-hour break. During that time, everyone is welcome to leave their team and join another one until the next round of the race starts.

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The top 100 teams who reach the finish line will receive the corresponding rewards when the MLBB Desert Racing event ends. The top 1 of each team will also get a permanent skin as a reward. The rewards will be issued within 7 workdays after the MLBB Desert Racing event ends.

Where to get Magic Energy?

You can get Magic Energy by spending Kane tokens or inviting friends to the MLBB Desert Race event. Once used, Magic Energy will boost your vehicle for a certain distance depending on the booster level. Each player can own up to 20 barrels of Magic Energy.

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