How To Win Free Skins/Champions In The Wild Rift Riftmas Giveaway?


How To Win Free Skins/Champions In The Wild Rift Riftmas Giveaway?

John Dave Rossel
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  • Riot Games announced Riftmas Giveaway event for their Pentaboom Showdown Tournament.
  • Events are open for players of selected region.
  • Giveaways include, emotes, baubles and random skin chests.

Christmas is in the air, as Riot Games announced their upcoming Christmas event for their popular mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift, the Riftmas Giveaway Event. This event is open from Nov. 26 until December 11, 2020. Wild Rift players will have a chance to win Free Skins, champions, emotes, etc through this event.

Riftmas Giveaway Event For Free Skins and Champions Announced

The news started going viral after Riot Game’s Pentaboom event website added an announcement regarding their upcoming Christmas giveaway. The announcement details that they are planning on a series of special giveaways, giving away free skins, champions, and more to Wild Rift players in celebration of this year-end season. 

The announcement also noted that in order to participate in the Riftmas Giveaways, you need to answer questions posted on their official Facebook page. The questions are all about the Pentaboom Showdown Charity event. 

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The event is open to participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam,

Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Myanmar. The winners are randomly selected and are limited to 3 winners per day/ per region.

Wild Rift Riftmas Giveaway Event Questions

Here are the questions for each day:

Day 1: Free Champion

8 countries will be participating in the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown. Tell us what you love the most about the team that represents your country.

Prize: Champion of your choice

Day 2: Free Emote

Who is your favorite player in the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown, and why?

Prize: Emote (Just Snakin’)

Day 3: Free Bauble

Who is your favorite caster in the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown, and why?

Prize: Bauble (I’m Just Gifted)

Day 4: Free Icon

Which champion you would like to see the most in the upcoming matches at Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown, and why?

Prize: Icon (Mafia Poro)

Day 5: Free Skin

Which team do you think will win the Wild Rift SEA Pentaboom Showdown, and why?

Prize: Random Skin Chest

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Do note that winners of the Riftmas Giveaway can only win once over the course of the event. Winners can still participate but to ensure there are enough giveaways for everyone, winners can only win once. 

For more details regarding the event, players can visit the official Wild Rift Pentaboom Showdown Website.

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