PUBG Mobile Announces $100 Million Investment For India

PUBG Mobile Announces $100 Million Investment For India

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  • PUBG Mobile has confirmed its return to India.
  • The company has also confirmed that it will be investing over $100 Million USD in India
  • This move will finally allow Indian PUBG Mobile players to return to the game following a near two month hiatus.

After nearly a two-month period where the game was banned from India, PUBG Mobile is returning to India w. Numerous hints and rumours have been pointing to its return but they have only been from unofficial, inside sources. Now, the game is confirmed to be coming back for good according to PUBG Corp.

PUBG Mobile Announces $100 Million Investment For India
PUBG Mobile teased its return to India by posting this image on its official Instagram id

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PUBG Mobile Returns To India With a Massive $100 Million USD Investment

PUBG Mobile Announces $100 Million Investment For India
PUBG Mobile is making a 100 Million Investment in India

PUBG Mobile is returning to India with a special version of the game devised for Indian users. The new version of the game claims to have addressed the privacy concerns which were cited as the reason behind the ban.

PUBG Corporation's $100 Million USD Investment

PUBG Mobile also confirmed that it would be making a $100 Million USD investment in the country to "cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries"

It stated that it would create an Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation to enhance communications and services with players. The company is hiring over 100 employees specializing in business, esports, and game development. The company will also collaborate with other local business to strengthen itself.

Features Of The New PUBG Mobile India

The Indian version will address privacy concerns of the Indian government by conducting regular audits and verifications on the storage systems holding Indian users’ personally identifiable information to reinforce security and ensure that their data is safely managed.

In addition they're also changing a few features like:

  • The Indian version of the game will now be set in "a virtual simulation training ground," instead of the battlefields in the regular version of the game.
  • New characters automatically starting clothed
  • Green Hit effects (instead of the previous red which resembled blood effects) to reflect the virtual nature of the game.
  • A new feature that places restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for younger players.

Road To PUBG Mobile’s Return

September 2020

On September 2nd, PUBG Mobile along with 117 other apps was banned by the Indian government over allegations of them stealing user data. However, many have pointed out that it could’ve been due to their Chinese links. 

On 8th September, PUBG Corp distanced itself from the Chinese company Tencent in India, and PUBG Corp took back the publishing rights for themselves. Then on 9th September, Livemint reported that PUBG Corp was actively looking for a partner to distribute the game in India while they held the publishing rights. 

October 2020

Fast forward to 20th October, PUBG Corp listed a job opening for a Corporate Development Division Manager for India. One of his/her responsibilities was to find a partner for the game in India. 

10 days later, on October 30th, Tencent terminated all services for Indian users. And finally, on 6th November, we heard from reliable sources within the gaming and esports industry that PUBG Mobile was in advanced stages of planning to return to India. This was later mostly confirmed by Insta stories from Kronten, Ghatak, 420op, Ocean Sharma, and Sid Joshi.  

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