BREN Esports Win MPL Philippines Beating Smart Omega

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BREN Esports Win MPL Philippines Beating Smart Omega


  • BREN Esports beat out Smart Omega 4-2 to win the MPL-Philippines championship,
  • KarlTzy, Pheww, Lusty and FlapTzy had commendable performances in the Grand Finals.
  • BREN continued their domination from the Playoffs and cemented their place in the finals thanks to 3-0 sweeps of Nexplay Solid and ONIC PH.

BREN Esports have won the MPL-Philippines championship, beating out Smart Omega 4-2 in a best-of-seven grand final of Season 6 yesterday. The roster, featuring KarlTzy, Pheww, Ribo, Lusty, FlapTzy, Coco and Ejhay is composed partly of the Filipino national team. The experienced team did well throughout the playoffs and dominated games even in the finals where they defeated Smart Omega in 6 games. 

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The Grand Finals Of MPL PH 

Game 1 of the finals saw BREN start out with a bang, dominating Smart Omega with a 16-2 score. However, in the 2nd match, Omega bounced back and defeated BREN  13-2. The back and forth continued as BREN ended Game 3 with a score of 16-2 against Omega and taking the lead back in the grand finals. 

Both teams got serious in game 4 as they played cautiously, keeping an almost even score at the 10-minute mark. The subsequent team fights racked up kills for both sides with BREN starting to edge Omega out. As BREN started doing Lord, Omega Toshi hid in a nearby brush waiting for the steal and KarlTzy ended up hunting him down, letting BREN get the Lord uncontested. With a split push at top and bot, BREN managed to end the game at 16-8. 

KarlTzy, arguably the best core player in the world right now, was crippled by Smart Omega in the draft of Game 6. BREN was forced to pick Harith in the four-protect-one composition. Luckily for them, FlapTzy helped the team win the match. The laning phase was largely uneventful as the teams traded some stray kills here and there. BREN managed to secure the Turtle and at the 8-minute mark, started to get an advantage over Omega with a 2.3K gold lead and 2 towers. At 13 minutes BREN took up a 4-man push at the top with KarlTzy, Lusty, Pheww and Ribbo and managed to wipe out the entire enemy team. With this match, Bren managed to beat Omega with a resounding 4-2 in the grand finals to become MPL-PH Season 6 champions. 

BREN Esports’s head coach Duckey is the first-ever coach in MPL history to win two titles in different regions. He was part of the EVOS Legends coaching staff that won MPL-Indonesia back in Season Five.

In the Run up to the finals, Aura PH, the back-to-back champions were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs in a relatively dominant fashion as ONIC PH impressed with the 3-0 sweep. BREN has continued to look strong and cemented their place in the finals thanks to 3-0 sweeps of Nexplay Solid and ONIC PH.

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