How To Get All Pawn Takes Pawn Rewards In Call Of Duty: Mobile


How To Get All Pawn Takes Pawn Rewards In Call Of Duty: Mobile

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  • Pawn Takes Pawn event offers free rewards to players via codes.
  • Step 1: To get these codes complete a list of simple tasks in The Club.
  • Step 2: Once you get the codes, head to the Pawn Takes Pawn website and obtain the Redemption codes.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Anniversary update brought a lot of new content, features and events to the game. The brand new section in the game, called ‘The Club’ offers players the chance to take it easy and hang out with their friends in a virtual club, similar to Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile. As part of the celebration, the latest ‘Pawn Takes Pawn’ event offers free rewards to players via codes. It is part of the promotional campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, similar to the Alder event. 

How To Obtain All The Pawn Takes Pawn Codes

To participate in the Pawn Takes Pawn event, players will have to head to the Pawn Takes Pawn website and sign up using the button on the top right corner

After you sign up, enter The Club and collect various codes. Head to the ‘Events’ section of the game and click on Featured events and enter The Club. Here’s how you can collect all 4 codes:

Code 1

Once inside The Club, head to the area near the posters and pick up the glow sticks.

Look for the sign that says ‘Chopper Command’ and with the glow stick in hand, slash the poster. 

When the poster is slashed, it will catch fire and burn up

Now move to the opposite side of the room and you’ll find a Pawn poster on the pillar next to where Alder stands. 

Slash that poster and wait for a few seconds. You’ll see a ‘Secret Found’ pop up with a code. Note down the code or screenshot it. You will then receive an in-game mail titled ‘Pawn Takes Pawn Reward’ that will tell you the redeem code. Players can do this up to 3 times. Keep these codes handy because the website will eventually get updated and you’ll be able to redeem these codes for rewards. 

Code 2

Complete the Dartboard Challenge by scoring 3 on the board, 5 times in a row. Once this is complete a code will pop up on the screen. 

Courtesy: Ulterior CovertCode 3

Complete the Soccer Ball Challenge by knocking various bottles located in the club with the soccer ball in the right order. First is the bottle near the entrance.

Courtesy: Ulterior Covert

The second is sitting in front of the bar.

Courtesy: Ulterior Covert

The third bottle is beside the staircase.

Courtesy: Ulterior Covert

The last bottle is on the other side of the club behind the bar.

Courtesy: Ulterior Covert

After you get the fourth and last bottle, the code will pop up on the screen.

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Pawn Takes Pawn Website

Once you obtain all the codes, head to Here you need to click on the poster, dartboard and soccer ball to enter the codes obtained from completing the challenges. Submit the codes to get an achievement. After 3 achievements are done, you’ll get a 4th achievement which will get you extra rewards. Finally, head to the achievements section to collect your rewards. Here you will get another code. Once you collect all 4 codes, head to the Call of Duty: Mobile redemption website to claim your rewards. 

The Pawn Takes Pawn website is essentially a massive easter egg hunt where you will find various sections to explore. One section of the website contains videos of a hooded figure who preaches about secrets and all of us being pawns in a larger game. On the other page is a computer terminal that lets you play a classic text-based adventure game, called Zork. 

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