How To Get The Flask In the COD Mobile Mooncake Festival


How To Get The Flask In the COD Mobile Mooncake Festival

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile hosts the Mooncake Festival event for Garena.
  • Players can complete tasks and exchange Mooncakes at the Token Exchange Centre.
  • Flasks will be available in later tasks as the festival progresses.

Call of Duty: Mobile is gearing up for its 1st-anniversary celebrations. As part of the festivities, Garena CODM launched an exclusive event called the Mooncake Festival yesterday. The event will go on till 12th October. As part of the event, Garena has also added the Token Exchange Center in its Featured Events tab. Here, players get a chance to exchange the Mooncakes and Flasks they obtain to exchange them for an epic ‘Ooze’ skin for the M4LMG.

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Mooncake Festival and How To Get The Flask

During the Mooncake festival, players can complete objectives and collect Mooncakes which they can later redeem in the Token Exchange Center for some cool rewards. 

Mooncake Festival tasks

Some of the tasks include walking 5000 meters in Battle Royale (BR), surviving a total of 45 minutes in BR and playing 5 BR games with friends. As of now, there is no task to get the flask but Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to assign tasks as the festival continues so that players can unlock the ‘Ooze’ camo for the M4LMG. Other rewards include a Cobalt Cobra avatar, a ‘Patchwork’ avatar frame, and a special ‘Hazard’ camo wingsuit and parachute that can be used in the Battle Royale mode. 

This event is similar to the ‘Solstice Awakened’ event featured in Call of Duty: Mobile 2 months ago, where players could collect canned goods, gas, and tissue and exchange them for camos and other cosmetic items. Keep checking the Mooncake Festival tasks, since Call of Duty: Mobile will release a task where you can get the Flask some time during the event. 

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