MortaL Declared Finalist For 'Esports Mobile Player of the Year'


MortaL Declared Finalist For 'Esports Mobile Player of the Year'

Nutan Lele
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  • MortaL named finalist for another category in the Esports Awards.
  • The IGL for Team SouL is a finalist for the 'Esports Mobile Player of the Year'.
  • Other finalists include Luxxy, Zuxxy, Nobru and IFerg.

The Esports Awards, created to celebrate the industry’s movers and shakers, released the second instalment of its spotlight show series with a new wave of announcements. The show introduced this year's community finalists which include iconic figures of the gaming world. Streamer and pro player Naman ‘MortaL' Mathur has been declared a finalist for the 'E-Sports Mobile Player of the Year' award along with other prominent players like Bigetron RA twins Luxxy and Zuxxy, as well as Free Fire player Nobru. 

Famous Clash Royale content creator and professional player, Frank Oskam, aka Surgical Goblin has also been nominated for the award. The 'Esports Mobile Player of the Year' nominations also feature players like IFERG (Call of Duty Mobile).

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MortaL Nominated For 2 Awards

MortaL is India’s only player/streamer with nominations in multiple categories. The player had also been nominated for the 'Streamer of the Year' award earlier this year along with other notable streamers like Pokimane and xQc. The owner and IGL of Team SouL, MortaL has participated in multiple tournaments with his team including PMPL Spring Split 2020 and Gamers Without Borders 2020: Asia. MortaL currently has over 6.22 Million subscribers on YouTube. After PUBG Mobile’s ban in India, the streamer has been dabbling in other games like Among Us, Free Fire, Fall Guys and Call of Duty: Mobile. 

“At the Esports Awards, we pride ourselves on listening to the community and providing a platform to celebrate those who may go unnoticed. The creatives of the industry are some of the most talented individuals and we look forward to bringing to light the work they do,” said Michael Ashford, Managing Director, Esports Awards. “As the esports industry adapts and showcases its resilience during these tough times we hope we can continue to showcase and celebrate the individuals that make a difference. I am very proud of the direction that the Esports Awards is heading and look forward to building upon the esports legacy.”  

Unfortunately due to the current global situation and the worldwide lockdowns, the Esports Awards has decided to cancel the Esports Live Event of the Year award. However, Esports Live Event of the Year will return in 2021 when live events resume. Voting for all Esports Awards categories is open now. For more information on how to vote, head to Esports Awards website.

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