MPL ID Suspends Doyok From Playing For Geek Fam In 2 Matches


MPL ID Suspends Doyok From Playing For Geek Fam In 2 Matches

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  • Geek Fam's Doyok receives 2-match suspension From MPL Indonesia for inappropriate behavior.
  • The suspension came after Doyok flashed an obscene hand gesture after one of Geek Fam's matches against Aura Fire.
  • This is the second case of a suspension in MLBB's MPL scene within a span of 48 hours.

MPL Indonesia has decided to suspend Tantyo “Doyok” Saputra, mid laner for Geek Fam, from two matches of Season 6. The player behaved inappropriately on camera after winning a match against Aura Fire yesterday.

Doyok’s Suspension From MPL Indonesia

Yesterday, the hyper carry for Geek Fam behaved inappropriately on camera after one of their matches against Aura Fire, flashing an obscene hand gesture. MPL ID Season 6 Week 7 Day 2 saw Geek Fam go 2-1 against Aura Fire. 

MPL Indonesia put out an official statement on its Facebook page in Indonesian. The post roughly translates as, ‘Regarding the negative behaviour carried out by Tantyo Aditya Saputra (DoyokSyl) at week 7 MPL Indonesia, we hereby declare that Doyok cannot play in the two Geek Fam matches in the future. We do not tolerate behaviour that can offend the public or individuals. We also urge and hope that all elements including the team, players, streamers, community and fans can set an example by having a positive attitude and behaviour.’

Following the suspension, Geek Fam put out their own statement on Facebook. The post, roughly translates to, “We, as the management of Geek Fam Indonesia, apologize for the displeasing actions that came from our Mobile Legends player, Tantyo Aditya Saputra who is commonly known as DoyokSyl. DoyokSyl also apologizes profusely for his unintentional behaviour. We promise we will pay better attention to the behaviour, words and actions of everyone involved in our organization so that this incident will not happen again.”

Doyok also uploaded an Instagram story to clarify his actions and apologize. 

Doyok apologised and explained himself in an Insta story

The story translates to, “Hello everyone, I want to explain about that middle finger. I actually submitted it to the person who entered the room after the in-game was over. I did it spontaneously because I was joking and didn't realize that the camera was spotting me. I apologize to all related parties who were offended by my behaviour, especially the Geek Fam ID and MPL ID teams. Of course, this is a lesson for me and all the players in MLBB.”

Founded in 2016, Geek Fam has made its presence known in the Mobile Legends esports scene for the past few years. The team had stood 3rd in the MPL Season 3 Regular Season and 4th in the MPL Season 3 Playoffs. Doyok’s good run in the current season of MPL was, unfortunately, marred by this incident. The Geek Fam player won the title of MVP for MPL Indonesia Season 6 Week 2

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Mobile Legends Esports Scene’s Second Suspension Of The Day

First reported by the Filipino paper Inquirer, the same day as Doyok’s suspension in Indonesia, MLBB caster Zeus Torquator was indefinitely suspended after fellow caster Em “Kaisaya” Dangla accused him of distributing a private video of her. 

Regarding Zeus Torquator’s suspension from his position in Luponwxc, the organisation released a statement, “In light of the recent statement by Em ‘Kaisaya’ Dangla regarding the issue done by one of our caster, Zeus Torquator, we indefinitely suspend Zeus from his current position with the company”. Dota 2 Host Eri Neeman praised Luponwxc’s decision as one of ‘leading by example’. He also put out the following statement regarding the sexual harassment incident on Facebook:

The suspension comes after Dangla’s revelation on Facebook that Torquator allegedly “disseminated, shared, and showed copies” of her private video with ex-boyfriend, Aron Laxamana. 

Dangla added that because of the incident, it prompted her to file a report with the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame back in February 2019. She, however, said that she “denied from receiving justice” as there was no update on the case. 

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