Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 17 End Date


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Season 17 End Date

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  • Season 17 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will end on September 26, 2020.
  • Players who ranked Master and above will receive a skin along with other rewards.
  • This season, Mobile Legends will reward these players with the Zombie Bambino Cyclops skin.

Every three months Mobile Legends brings players a big update to the game. The season reset will give players a chance to climb the ranked ladder and earn rewards like skins, battle points, lucky spin tickets, etc. As Season 17 draws to a close, players who ranked Master and above will receive a skin along with other rewards. Season 17 will end on September 26, 2020, so if you haven’t ranked up, now is the last chance to earn that season exclusive skin.

Season 17 End Ranked Rewards

At the beginning of the last season, Moonton awarded the season exclusive Countess Scarlet Eudora skin to its Master and above players. This season, Mobile Legends will reward these players with the Zombie Bambino Cyclops skin.

Players can log in on September 26 to claim the season rewards: Battle Points, Tickets, and Cyclops "Zombie Bambino". While all players ranked Master and above will receive the Season Exclusive Skin (Mystery Skin), Master players will also earn 300 Tickets and 4000 Battle Points. Grandmaster players will earn 600 Tickets and 7000 Battle Points. Epic ranked players will earn 1000 Tickets and 120000 Battle Points, while Legend and Mythic players will earn 1500 Tickets and 20000 Battle Points. Mythic players will also get the Mythic Battle Emote for 100 days.

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Mobile Legends Project NEXT Event

On September 12, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released the new trailer, Beyond Legends, for its optimization Project NEXT.  Project NEXT is MLBB's ongoing efforts to rework some of their classic heroes like Eudora, Zilong and Miya. These heroes got updated skill sets, background stories, and in-game model revamps.

With the upcoming release of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Moonton is really trying to step up its game in terms of video quality, music, graphics and lore to match the finesse of companies like Riot Games. Project Next event went live on Mobile Legends’ servers on September 22nd and will end on October 17th. Players can rank to earn Star Protection Cards, Hero Fragments and other rewards during the event.

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