Free Fire BOOYAH Day Update To Add KSHMR As Playable Character


Free Fire BOOYAH Day Update To Add KSHMR As Playable Character

Nutan Lele
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  • Free Fire has entered into a collaboration with American-Indian musician, record producer, rapper KSHMR.
  • He will join the game as 'K' or Captain Booyah.

Garena Free Fire’s BOOYAH Day patch is going live today and among the many features updated, Free Fire is also introducing a new character called ‘K’, nicknamed Captain Booyah. His release will be followed by a new song and music video. In this patch, players will also get a chance to enjoy the game in Hindi and plenty of new features like Clash Squad Ranked Season 3, the new PARAFAL assault rifle, weapon balance adjustments, a new “The Arena” spawn island, and several player-requested improvements. Free Fire will undergo maintenance to apply the new update starting from 10:00am (IST), players will not be able to enter the game and play as usual. The maintenance is expected to end at 5:30pm (IST). 

Free Fire X KSHMR

Free Fire has entered into a collaboration with American-Indian musician, record producer, rapper KSHMR. Booyah Day is a new series of competitions starting soon. Captain Booyah will be joining Free Fire to celebrate the day. Players need to earn as many Booyahs as possible in the event to unlock special rewards. A global leaderboard will keep track of the players with the most number of Booyahs. The top 100 players will receive a gift from Captain Booyah. 

KSHMR was ranked 23rd on DJ Mag's 2015 Top 100 DJs and was awarded "The Highest New Entry". He eventually rose the ranks to 12th place in the Top 100 DJs of 2016 and kept the spot in 2017. In July 2017, he launched his own label, Dharma Worldwide. The DJ has put together a special song on the occasion of BOOYAH Day that plays heavily on KSHMR’s signature vocal style. There are also a few cosmetics that will be released along with KSHMR.

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Booyah Day Patch Weapons Update

Free Fire is introducing a new Assault Rifle called PARAFAL shortly after its BOOYAH Day update. The PARAFAL has incredible stopping power and extreme range but also has a slow rate of fire. It does damage of 48 per shot with a magazine size of 30 and has attachment slots for muzzles, stocks, magazines, grips and a scope.

Free Fire has also made adjustments to Kar98K Biometric Scope, Plasma, P90, M14 Rage Core and the M14. The Kar98K with Biometric Scope is one of the deadliest weapons on the game since survivors can instantly connect shots right after scoping in, hence the aim assist radius is being reduced by 35%.

The M14 Rage Core can take people out in just a few shots, making it too strong when compared to other Assault Rifles in Free Fire. Hence the fire rate of the gun has been reduced by 11%. The P90 faced a dip in popularity since the introduction of the Thompson. The gun is receiving a buff to its rate of fire and accuracy. Rate of fire has been increased by 3% while the maximum spread is down by 10%, making it more competitive against other SMGs.  

An exclusive skin for the FAMAS is coming out this season of Free Fire. The Golden Famas is part of the Golden series of skins that can be obtained by ranking up. Survives who manage to get a rank Gold III or above can earn this golden assault rifle.

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