New Free Fire BOOYAH Day Patch Adds Hindi To Its Languages

New Free Fire BOOYAH Day Patch Adds Hindi To Its Languages

Nutan Lele
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  • Free Fire's latest BOOYAH Day update will add Hindi as one of the languages the game can be played in.
  • Free Fire is also adding PARAFAL and new weapon updates.

Garena Free Fire’s new patch is coming out tomorrow and among the buffs and nerfs, players will now get a chance to enjoy the game in Hindi. The BOOYAH Day patch is part of Garena’s efforts to cater to their Indian users and enjoy the battle royale in one of their native languages. Currently, Garena Free Fire is available in Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, Portuguese and others, along with the standard English option. 

Free Fire’s New BOOYAH Day Patch Update

The new patch will include plenty of new features like Clash Squad Ranked Season 3, the new PARAFAL assault rifle, weapon balance adjustments, a new “The Arena” spawn island, and several player-requested improvements.

Free Fire is introducing a new Assault Riffe called PARAFAL shortly after its BOOYAH Day update. The PARAFAL has incredible stopping power and extreme range but also has a slow rate of fire. The update also allows for cooking of grenades and a Scan feature that helps Survivors find nearby vehicles to make a quick getaway, which will also be introduced in the upcoming update.

Survivors have work to do if they want to earn the exclusive Golden FAMAS. Survives who manage to get a rank Gold III or above can earn this golden assault rifle. Free Fire is making it easier for Survivors to have their settings and HUD preferences transferable across updates and devices. Free Fire Cloud now makes it possible for them to upload, download, and overwrite their configuration in the settings menu. 

Free Fire is making it easier for friends to hang out in The Training Grounds by optimising spawn points and adding new features. Survivors will now be able to spawn close together when entering the social zone, play some rounds in the new Target Arcade minigame, blast each other with the new Flamethrower, or hang out in the private movie theatre. 

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New spawn island coming up for you in the Booyah Day patch update. The brand-new “The Arena” spawn island, which was specifically designed for the Free Fire Continental Series 2020, will be launching with the BOOYAH Day update.

Other changes will be announced once the patch gets its official release tomorrow, on September 23rd. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming Garena Free Fire Patches. 

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