POWER888 Win PMPL Season 2 Thailand League Stage


POWER888 Win PMPL Season 2 Thailand League Stage

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  • POWER888 come out on top of PMPL Season 2 Thailand League Stage.
  • FaZe Clan, Made in Thailand, RRQ Athena and Valdus The Murder are the top teams on the leader board.

PMPL Season 2 Thailand’s League Stage concluded yesterday and POWER888 KPS emerged as the winners of the stage with 649 points. This gives them a guaranteed spot in the PUBG Mobile Pro League South East Asia Season 2. The top 16 teams including FaZe Clan, Made in Thailand, RRQ Athena, Valdus The Murder, Daytrade Gaming and Team Secret TH have all qualified for the finals, which are scheduled to take place from 25th September to 27th September. The squads which place in the top two will also be seeded for the PMPL SEA Season 2.

Format Of The PMPL Season 2 Thailand

The PMPL Thailand started on August 10th and the continued till September 20th, 2020 in True Digital Park, Thailand, Bangkok. 15 teams including RRQ Athena, FaZe Clan, Valdus The Murder, Made in Thailand, Team Secret TH, King of Gamers Club, Armory Gaming and more from PMPL-TH Spring Final teams were invited. 9 of the PMTC 2020 teams were also participating. The 24 Teams were divided into 3 groups and each team played 2 matches.  The results from Opening Seeding in Week 1 was used to determine League Stage group draw in each week. During the League Stage, each team played 5 matches from Friday to Sunday every week. The top 16 teams qualified for Finals. 

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Recap Of PMPL Season 2 Thailand Regular Season

FaZe Clan led the opening week with 46 points, while PW88 struggled at the 22nd position. As the tournament progressed towards the League Stage, FaZe Clan continued to dominate with their aggressive play and ended up with 290 kills overall but POWER888’s slowly picked up and stayed consistent throughout the League Stage matches. The team picked up a total of 3 Chicken Dinners. While they started in 16th place during Round 1 of the Group B vs Group C games, they bounced back with a Chicken Dinner in Round 2. They also ended up in the final circle in Round 5. In the Group C vs Group A matches, POWER888 consistently finished in top 5 in Rounds 1 through 5 and picked up 2 more Chicken Dinners.

As for the rest of the teams, FaZe clan ended up finishing in the second position with 627 points. Made in Thailand came in the third position with 622 points. The 2018 World Champions RRQ Athena weren’t far behind and finished fourth with 569 points. Valdus The Murder rounded off the top five with 510 points. FaZe Clan’s Vintorez picked up a whopping 103 kills in the PMPL Season 2 Thailand and also achieved most kills during Week 2 of League play. Made in Thailand’s Stoned finished in second place with 95 kills and also got the most kills in Week 5. 

The top 16 teams from the regular season will qualify for the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2 

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