Dynamo Does Free Fire Stream Collaboration With Total Gaming


Dynamo Does Free Fire Stream Collaboration With Total Gaming

Nutan Lele
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  • Dynamo Gaming played Free Fire with popular influencer Total Gaming on stream today.
  • Dynamo also launched his official merchandise via. Hydra Clan.

The 24-year-old streamer Dynamo collaborated with one of Free Fire’s biggest influencers, Total Gaming to give the game a shot thanks to Trinity Gaming. The duo streamed for a total of two hours and forty-five minutes and ended up with 1,156,929 views. The Livestream saw over 150,000 concurrent viewers. 

Since the PUBG Mobile ban, Dynamo has been trying his hand at a number of different game titles including Rocket League, Among Us, GTA V, Call of Duty: Mobile, along with Free Fire. His YouTube channel currently has 8.65 million subscribers and his videos and his recent Free Fire streams have both gotten more than a million views. Total Gaming has been collaborating with multiple streamers. The Free Fire influencer has been acting as a guide to the game for many of the prominent players and streamers. Recently he played Free Fire with Orange Rock’s Mavi and Scout. 

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Dynamo’s Rise To Prominence

Before the PUBG Mobile ban, the widespread popularity of the game led to the increasing popularity of Indian streaming channels. Dynamo is a Mumbai based mobile gamer who started playing on an emulator before switching. The streamer rose in popularity last year between September and January where he jumped from 31,000 odd subs to a whopping 849,075 subscribers. Talking about his PUBG Mobile gameplay to FirstPost, Dynamo said, “I'm more of a sniper rather than someone who prefers close combat and I think I've gotten pretty good at knowing things like bullet trajectory over time. I also love challenges during my streams. All of this helps me push to get better each day.” The player’s skills seem to be a good fit for Free Fire as he managed to earn a few Booyahs. 

Dynamo also recently announced his line of merch with Hydra Clan which includes masks, mousepads, T-shirts and a pop grip. The online store will also feature merchandise for Hydra BTS and Alpha Clasher soon. 

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