PUBG MOBILE was the Most Watched Esport in August 2020

PUBG MOBILE was the Most Watched Esport in August 2020

Shounak Sengupta
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  • PUBG Mobile was the most watched esport in 2020.
  • The World League East Division finals pulled over 1M concurrent viewers.

According to a report by esports viewership tracking website Escharts, PUBG Mobile was the most watched esport in the month of August. The finals of the World League took place in the first half of the month and the Eastern Division had over one million concurrent viewers at its peak. PUBG Mobile beat out tough competition during this time including the League of Legends European Championships, one of the most popular titles in the world. The Eastern Division was in fact the most popular online-only league in all of esports across 2020. In comparison the Western Division only managed a peak of ~50K viewership, showing the difference in popularity across regions and time zones. 

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PUBG Mobile beats out the LEC

PUBG Mobile World League peaked at just over 1.1 Million concurrent viewers during the final match of the grand finals. Bigetron Red Aliens walked home as the champions of the Eastern Division, successfully defending their trophy from last season. Regional viewership was a big part of the viewership with the Hindi stream contributing nearly 36% of the total watched hours of the tournament. Now with the game being banned in India, PUBG Mobile viewership is certainly going to look different in the coming months. The large chunk of the viewership came via YouTube and the Indonesian stream saw the highest peak with over 500K viewers. 

PUBG MOBILE was the Most Watched Esport in August 2020
Image via Esports Charts

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PUBG Mobile had some stiff competition from the LEC, which hosts one of esports biggest rivalries in Fnatic versus G2. The upper bracket finals of the LEC Summer 2020 Playoffs saw the two titans clash with peak viewership of 900K. This wasn’t enough to beat the World League. However, the two teams faced off once more in the grand finals, earlier in September and delivered the LEC’s highest ever viewership peaking at over 1 Million. Mobile titles continue to deliver as the Mobile Legends Professional League - Indonesia Season 6 had the third highest viewership in August. The opening weekend’s games saw the game’s biggest rivals go head to head. While RRQ Hoshi were able to take down EVOS Legends 2-0, the match pulled in over 850K peak viewers. In fourth place was the LCK or LoL Champions Korea, which unfortunately didn't have the highest viewership, particularly spurred by the early elimination of fan favorites, T1 from the competition. 


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