Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 ‘The Hunt’ Is Coming Out

Nutan Lele
Published On: 08 Sep 2020, 10:13 AM
  • Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 called 'The Hunt' will go live next week.
  • The Season will introduce new features, maps, operator skills and more.

Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile try to engage their fans in creative ways. While the former has recently concluded its 3rd-anniversary celebrations alongside announcing a collaboration with the hit Netflix show Money Heist (Casa De Papel). The latter has managed to continue their legacy of the Call of Duty Franchise. As Season 9 titled, ‘Conquest’ comes to an end, Call of Duty: Mobile is coming out with a new season next week called ‘The Hunt’.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10, The Hunt

Call of Duty: Mobile, like PUBG Mobile, has various seasons in which they periodically add new content, battle passes or their equivalents and new modes to the game. Call of Duty: Mobile’s ‘The Hunt’ will bring in two new maps along with another operator skill, a new battle royale class, and a new game mode

Longtime fans of Call of Duty will immediately recognise the two new maps in Call of Duty: Mobile. Terminal and Pine from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have made their way to the mobile now. Terminal is a fairly large map while Pine covers a smaller area. As of now, only 1-vs-1 and 2-vs-2 Gunfight modes will be made playable for these maps.

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The new mode that will be introduced as part of ‘The Hunt’ is called ‘Headquarters’. In this mode, players are supposed to capture the Headquarters and look to defend it for 50 seconds to earn points. However, there is a catch involved. If the participants do end up capturing the Headquarters, they won’t be able to respawn for 50 seconds. 

A new battle royale class is going to make its way to Call of Duty: Mobile now and it is called ‘Hacker’. Players who opt for this class will be able to hijack the minimap and gadgets of all enemies within a specific radius through an Ice Pick device.

Also, the Hard-Wired ability doesn’t let the player's radar be detected by nearby enemies. The Hunt also adds a new Operator Skill called Equalizer. The skill equips the player with two SMGs with built-in suppressors. This new skill has the potential to dish out immense damage at close range. 

The Hunt will begin after Season 9’s ends on 8th September. As is traditional, there’ll be a new battle pass and events that will last for through the month of September. 

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