MPL-PH: Execration Takes Down Nexplay And Tops Group A


MPL-PH: Execration Takes Down Nexplay And Tops Group A

Nutan Lele
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  • MPL-PH Season 6 entering its third week yesterday.
  • In an epic showdown, Execration gaming fought from behind and won against Nexplay.
  • Execration finished on the top of Group A.

With Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6 entering its third week, Execration has made it to the top of their group. Group A is currently led by Execration with a 2-1 record while Aura PH sits at 3-1 and is tied in points with NXP in Group A which has a 2-1 record. BNK BluFire sits at 0-3 in Group A to bring up the rear of the pack.

Week 3 Day 1: Execration vs. NexPlay 

In one of the most anticipated matches in the MPL-PH Season 6, Ch4knu staged Execration’s 3-1 come-from-behind victory against NXP Solid, 2-1, in the third week of the regular season. Execration was poised to go down, up until Ch4knu did the impossible and Execration beat the enemy team in front of 672,000 live viewers.

Taking the early game advantage, Yawi and H2wo helped NXP Solid gain a 10,000 gold advantage at the 13:27 mark. NXP led by as much as ten kills in the third game thanks to H2WO's Ling doing a lot of the damage to Execration's entire lineup. The team also ended up taking down the lord to close out the game. NXP Solid’s victory seemed to be inevitable as Execration only had three remaining turrets in the game, including the throne. 

Execration had to adopt a defensive stance as Ch4knu made a huge play when he caught H2wo. He threw H2wo and Renejay under the tier three turret at the bottom lane, resulting in a triple kill for E2max. Z4pnu and Hate then cleaned up the remaining two players. This fight turned things around for Execration as they ran it down mid and were able to win the game. E2max put up five kills, three deaths, and five assists, while Z4pnu chipped in four kills, two deaths, and four assists. Execration is now tied with Aura PH at the top of Group A with identical 3-1 records. Meanwhile, H2wo’s 10-1-6 KDA did little to stop NXP Solid’s drop to 2-2. Execration needed more than half an hour to even the series with a 33-23 grueling win, as Bennyqt's Alice led them with eight kills and 16 assists.

NexPlay will take on Aura PH today and the latter could be presented with the chance to steal that spot in the standings and then bolster it on Sunday when they play Omega PH, although Execration could shake things up further should they best BREN Esports in their Sunday meeting. NXP will look to bounce back against defending champions Aura PH on Saturday, while Execration try to keep their streak going against an undefeated Bren Esports on Sunday.

MPL-PH Season 6- The Story So Far

Though Execration’s superstar Z4pnu took a break for the initial week, the Group A team handled its two games pretty well with Hate’s kill-heavy playstyle. Hate carried as an assassin and picked up some crucial kills in late-game.

MPL-PH: Execration Takes Down Nexplay And Tops Group A
Week 3 Day 1 Results

BREN Esports was the only team holding an undefeated record after winning in dominant fashion against Aura PH in a cross-group match in week 2. In Group B BREN led the pack with 8 points and an undefeated streak while BSB sat at 0-4 and Cignal Ultra at 1-2 in the bottom two spots. Going into week three, BREN sailed past BSB with a clean 2-0 victory while Execration and Nexplay Solid battled it out for the top spot in Group A. 

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