Mobile Legends Reveals ‘Operation Attention’ For Bug Fixes


Mobile Legends Reveals ‘Operation Attention’ For Bug Fixes

Nutan Lele
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  • Operation Attention is dedicated to bugfix progress, matchmaking optimization and adjustments to upcoming heroes. 
  • This is one of Moonton's many projects outlined to improve the player experience.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the biggest mobile games in the world with nearly 281 million downloads. Worldwide, the game has seen some big success in the recent past thanks to great graphics for mobile and cool gameplay. However, the game has been plagued with several bugs, hackers and other technical issues. Moonton has decided to dedicate their ‘Operation Attention’ to bugfix progress, matchmaking optimization and adjustments to upcoming heroes.

Operation Attention

Moonton is looking to take up fixing problems with regards to optimization of the game, heroes and matchmaking. Enter ‘Operation Attention’. Mobile Legends’ official Twitter and Instagram post on their official account, Mobile Legends said the following: 

“Bugfix progress, matchmaking optimization, the upcoming heroes to be adjusted...??Our website "Operation Attention" is officially launched! Get everything you wanna know here!?? News, Q&A, patch schedule...we receive every piece of feedback from you and show everything we do.? ?Your voice matters.?”

Operation Attention certainly seems like a move in the right direction for Mobile Legends to go in. Mobile Legends has been looking to push the ante with various measures to improve the Mobile Legends experience for its gamers. 

Project NEXT

Moonton had announced Project NEXT in June, a long term project focusing on hero adjustments, art and sound upgrades as well as IP development in what they claim to be their most important initiative for the year. The publisher aims to upgrade and improve aspects of gameplay, heroes and game mechanics including the controls. 

With Project NEXT, one of the focuses will be to rework and revisit some of the classic heroes who have lost relevance with the release of newer ones. Another feature will be to introduce “Smart Targeting” which allows the player to freely and accurately select a target when using hero skills in a simple fashion.

In the second update of Project NEXT Express, Moonton decided to revamp Miya and Alucard and debuted the Project NEXT logo. Miya not only received a reworked passive and abilities but also got updates to her character model and hero lore. Her character design has been changed while keeping the essence of Miya intact. Alucard’s character model had not been changed much. As a hero who is good at 1v1s, Alucard’s reworked abilities had been enhanced to maximize damage to single targets.

Now, we could expect the next big such updates to come from Operation Attention. So far, it has been announced that bugfix and their progress, matchmaking optimization, and adjustments will be a part of the website. MLBB Reveals Bugfix ‘Operation Attention’

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