Sixless Banned From Competitive PUBG Mobile Till 2021

Shounak Sengupta
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Controversy seems to always follow Sixless as once again the player finds himself in the midst of drama. The former Cloud9 player has been banned from the 2020 competitive season after he was found playing in the PMCO Fall qualifiers under a different account. Sixless has uploaded a video explaining the situation and has said that he will be spending time streaming and creating content till the end of the year. 

This isn't the first controversy to involve the player, whose past actions have resulted in him getting kicked from Cloud9. Sixless made some inflammatory comments about South Asian teams and the community, resulting him getting dropped. The player ended up apologizing for his actions and went on a break from competitive gaming following this incident. He was seen playing as a standin  for Grunto Esports during PMPL Americas but the team failed to qualify for the World League. He then joined Pittsburgh Knights again as a stand-in for the World League. 

Sixless Banned from Competitive Play till the End of 2020

According to the video, Sixless took part in PMCO Fall, where he played for a team under an account that did not belong to him. This of course is against the terms of the game and threatens to ruin the competitive integrity of the esports ecosystem. The term is known as ringing and is not a uncommon problem in esports. After the PUBG Mobile team found the necessary proof, Sixless was banned from playing official tournaments till the end of the year. This means that he can no longer continue playing for the Pittsburgh Knight in the World League and will also not be able to play in the Fall Season. However, he said that he might still represent the team in scrims and third party events. 

The player has said that he was planning on creating content after the World League and the ban will mean that he can start doing that right away. He did not seem too upset about the decision and said that he wasn't fully aware of the rules. However, he admitted that he should have known that what he was doing is illegal as it is a very basic rule. Sixless plans on playing classic matches and streaming and said that he will attempt to reach rank 1 on the leader boards, this season. While controversy certainly seems to be following the player around, let's hope that he can bounce back as he has shown time and again that he is a very strong player. 

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