Sixless Apologizes for Comments; "I Let the Haters Win"

Shounak Sengupta
21/Mar/2020 10:16 am

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In what seems to be the end of a turbulent week for Brandon Cole 'Sixlesss' Patterson, the young PUBG Mobile player has released a statement, apologizing for his rash comments on the Indian community and its members. While the damage seems to have been done, as Sixless was removed from Cloud9 for his inflammatory words on Indian players and the Indian community, the apology did feel genuine and will hopefully help the fallen star find the right path. 

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Sixless's initial reaction and behavior over the past few months has been outspoken, brash and what some people may even call cocky. His story is very similar to that of a young person not knowing how to handle the new found fame and success and falling victim to it. In his apology, Sixless says that he has been thinking about the incident that transpired and has realized that his actions were wrong, He recognizes that he let his anger get the best of him and reacted in a way that was unprofessional.

What Sixless went through and how he reacted is consistent with how a lot of young gamers, streamers and influencers who have found quick success have reacted in the past. The tale of a young person finding fame and following and then reacting badly to trolling and/or haters was certainly not a first and will definitely not be a last. 

On a personal note, this would be a good time to let this incident go to bed. There is very little point in dwelling on what has already happened and messaging and trolling the player. Given the young age of players and the the entire ecosystem in PUBG Mobile, mistakes like these are expected. What's important is that we all learn and grow from this as a community and come out stronger and better. The player himself has apologized and we should respect that and give him the time and space he needs to emerge a stronger person. 


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