MLBB’s Project NEXT Focuses On Reworks For Miya And Alucard


MLBB’s Project NEXT Focuses On Reworks For Miya And Alucard

Nutan Lele
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Last month, Moonton announced Project NEXT for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This long term project focuses on hero reworks, art and sound upgrades as well as improvements to gameplay, heroes and game mechanics like the controls. 

A part of Project NEXT also involves reworking and adjusting heroes that have been off the meta for some time. In the second update of Project NEXT Express, Moonton decided to revamp Miya and Alucard and debuted the Project NEXT logo. 

Miya’s Rework

As the first hero to be introduced to the game, Miya is one of the most iconic heroes of MLBB. However, with new updates and powerful heroes like Yu Zhong being released, it's becoming hard for Miya players to keep up. Her pick rate in top tier matches is low at 0.16%. 

Miya is not only receiving a reworked passive and abilities but also updates to her character model and hero lore. Her character design has been changed while keeping the essence of Miya intact. 

Miya's Reworked Model

Passive: Turbo

Moonton has kept the core of Miya’s original passive which gives her an attack speed bonus which stacks with Basic Attacks. However, her reworked passive will give her the ability to summon a clone when her passive reaches full stacks. The clone also gets the effect of Miya’s first skill Fission Shot and provides massive, extra damage output.

Miya's Reworked Passive

Rain Of Arrows

Miya’s second skill will now immediately mobilize enemies for a short duration and shoot arrows moving outwards from the AOE. This ability still slows enemies and dishes out damage.

Rain of Arrows

Alucard’s Rework

Alucard’s character model has not been changed much. As a hero who is good at 1v1s, Alucard’s reworked abilities have been enhanced to maximize damage to single targets. 

Alucard's Reworked Model

Passive: Pursuit

Alucard's Reworked Passive

Alucard’s passive will be adjusted. The extra damage upon hitting 2 enemies has been replaced with the ability to deal massive damage to single targets. 

Fission Wave

Alucard's Reworked Ultimate

Alucard’s Ultimate will now be more optimised. Instead of getting extra life steal from marked targets, the new ultimate will mark all the enemies in an area and trigger Alucard’s passive on them when he uses any skill. This rework will increase his damage output in team fights.

Project NEXT’s first update had previously updated Saber and Eudora. We’re likely to see more of the heroes get reworks and updates to their character model as Moonton tries to make Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a more fluid experience. 

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