Yoodo Gank Dominate PMWL 2020 East Super Weekend Day 1

Yoodo Gank Dominate PMWL 2020 East Super Weekend Day 1

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The PUBG MOBILE World League Season Zero, which started on 11th July, has now entered its first Super Weekend. Starting today, 17th July, the top 16 teams from the League Stage will battle it out over the next 3 days. Super Weekend games are some of the most important of PMWL because the points earned during these 3 days will be counted towards the League standings. This will determine who qualifies for World League Finals.

Overall Standings - PMWL 2020 East Super Weekend Day 1

PMWL Super Weekend Day 1 Overall Standings

On Day 1, Yoodo Gank shot to the top of the leaderboard, getting back-to-back Chicken Dinners in the first 3 matches of Super Weekend. They faltered in Match 4, coming in the last place but managed to end Match 5 placing 6th with 2 kill points. The team had come in 6th with 89 points and 34 kills while entering Super Weekend but ended Day 1 at 1st place with 104 points, miles ahead of second-place RRQ Athena which had 69 points. From the first match, Yoodo Gank went all in, beating out GXR Celtz in the final circle and was 8 kill points ahead of NoChance on the leaderboard. The final circle came down to a 1v3 with GXR Celtz’s RoXX trying to hold his own against Yoodo Gank. RoXX took out Yoodo’s ManParang and Fredo before ultimately losing the 1v1 against Draxx. 

 Yoodo continued their amazing performance into Match 2 with another Chicken Dinner, beating out MegaStars and BOX Gaming in the final circle. Match 2 saw BOX Gaming’s BreaK pull off a 200 IQ play. As MegaStars and Yoodo fought for the final circle, BreaK armed with multiple first aids held out behind a rock far away from the fight. As Yoodo Gank took out all but Encore of MegaStars, BreaK guaranteed his team the 2nd place by taking out Encore. This earned BOX Gaming one more kill point, which placed them above Bigetron RA in the final score of Match 2. 

Match 3 saw Yoodo Gank get a hat-trick with their 3rd Chicken Dinner. Entering the final circle with T1, Orange Rock and Bigetron RA, the team managed to take out members from T1 as they won the final showdown with Bigetron to get their Chicken Dinner. Match 4 saw an upset for Yoodo Gank as they came in 16th place but the team managed to end Match 5 placing 6th with 2 kill points.

Bigetron RA Performance Consistently

Bigetron RA maintained a consistent performance through the day. Except for the first match where the team placed in the bottom half of the leaderboard, Bigetron managed to stay in the top 3 in the remaining matches, coming in 3rd place in Match 2 and 2nd place in Match 3 right behind Yoodo Gank. They maintained their spot in top 3 in Match 4 as well coming in 3rd place with 8 kill points. In the final Match 5, they made it to the final circle with RRQ Athena and TeamIND. The ended Super Weekend Day 1 in 3rd place with 68 points, just behind RRQ Athena. 

Orange Rock esports On A Downhill Turn

Today marked a huge upset for Orange Rock esports who went into Super Weekend Day 1 at the top of the leaderboard with 122 points and 54 kills points. Unfortunately, today’s matches did not go in OR’s favour. The team ended Day 1 at 12th place in the overall standings. Match 1 saw Orange Rock esports end at a respectable 5th place but Match 2 saw them end at 10th place on the board with 4 kill points. They managed to get into the final circle in Match 3, fighting T1, Yoodo Gank and Bigetron. The team got sandwiched between Yoodo and Bigetron, taking shots from both teams as Sc0utOP finally fell to BTR Luxxy. Orange Rock esports ended Match 3 in 4th place. Match 4 saw the squad die quite early, ending the game at 13th place with a single kill point and Match 5 saw Orange Rock falter yet again. The team ended the day with a 12th place finish at 33 points along with NOChance. 

TeamIND bounces back in Match 5

TeamIND qualified for Super Weekend by placing 14th and stayed in the lower half of the scoreboard. However, Match 4 saw TeamIND bounce back and pick up a whopping 14 kill points, the highest in the match. However, they lost the lead by 5 points as they fell in the final circle to RRQ Athena. RRQ Athena took a 13-kill win in the last match. However, their stellar performance in Match 4 meant that TeamIND shot to 4th place in the overall standings of the Super Weekend. 

TSM Entity Crumble on Day 1

TSM Entity had a bad Day 1 at the PMWL Super Weekend. The team placed on the bottom half of the leaderboard consistently, ending Match 1 at 14th place, Match 2 at 13th place, Match 3 in the last place, and Match 4 at 15th place. There was a brief glimmer of hope in Match 5 but the team got eliminated by TeamIND early in the game. However, the team managed to place 8th due to their 4 kill points. TSM Entity really needs to step up their game if they want to make a mark during the upcoming days of Super Weekend.

Day 2 of the PMWL Super Weekend will start tomorrow at 5:30 PM IST. PMWL 2020 East is streamed live on the official PUBG MOBILE Esports YouTube channel

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